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A Samurai Warrior challenged once a Zen master to explain the concept of heaven and hell. But the monk responded with disdain:
-You're too rough and I can not waste my time with individuals like you.
Injured in the depths of his soul, the Samurai flew into a rage, drew his sword and yelled in anger:
-It might kill you for your impertinence!
That said the monk calmly - is hell.
Puzzled to perceive the truth in what the master pointed out with respect to the fury that dominated it, the Samurai are soothed, he sheathed the sword and bowed, thanking the monk the lesson.
- And that, he added the monk - it is heaven.
Heaven and hell: experiences that cross our spirit, attitudes and behaviors that generate joy, enthusiasm and life or cause pain, offense and death. Heaven and hell are already here through our lives. Depends on us live every day or every action as builders of heaven or as producers of hell. For others and for ourselves. Because only if we try to bring heaven to others, we will be reaching it also for ourselves. Search individually own happiness anyway, regardless of others, causes pain, exploitation and death. It is the road to hell for others and for yourself.
Strive to treat each student with patience, affection and kindness and you will go turning your living room into a small sky.

Translated for educational purposes.

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