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Two very serious patients shared the same room in a hospital. One of them had the bed next to the window and was allowed to sit every evening, one hour to drain her lungs.
Another patient spent all day lying on the bed on her back and was only able to observe the etching and dirty ceiling of the room.
The two men became great friends and spent talking about their families, their adventures when young, their work, their misfortunes and congratulations.
Every afternoon, when the man who was next to the window should sit for its drainage, I began to describe the partner all the things he saw from the window. There had been outside a park that had a lovely lagoon in the Center. Ducks and swans were playing in the water, while children were sailing their toy boats. The couple walking embraced bordered paths of flowers all the fragrances and colors, and athletes ran sweaty by the track that bordered the Lake. There was also a small forest of giant trees that lifted his vigorous arms towards the sky. On the shores of the Park grew the city and every day the scenery was new and different according to the turnaround time and stations and visitors who flocked to the Park.
Two patients anxiously waiting that hour that approaching them to life. The man by the window striving more and more by approaching the friend with his words full of details and friendliness to the wonderful events of the Park and the landscape, so that is not lost anything of which he enjoyed with his eyes. And so, illuminated by the words of a friend, he also could enjoy parades, floats, gentle rains, Incredibles, snowy Rainbow silver, flocks of migrant birds, parrots contests that filled the sky of colorful, bike racing...
One morning, the nurse who always arrived early to take their temperature, discovered that the man at the window had died. He seemed to be asleep and even believed that she smiled with deep serenity. When the friend reported the news, I was much saddened and by long time wept in calm and silence the absence of fellow who had approached him with his words further than window Park fabulous events.
A few days, the sick asked the nurse if he could not put it on the bed kept empty by the window. Nurse accepted in good taste and with the help of some employees changed it.
When the patient was only, you are supported with great effort on one of his elbows and was able to raise enough to enjoy the charming landscape which knew only through the words of the dead friend.
But only he saw before him a wall grey and very ugly, completely empty and without charms.
When the nurse asked how it was possible that the partner could see all those wonderful things, the nurse replied:
-That could not see even the wall because he was totally blind. He possibly invented all this to encourage you.
(On a text submitted by Fr. Alberto Pascual García)
Master is offering the eyes to look at the world, which puts joys and smiles in the heart. Which is able to illuminate the lives of others with his own darkness. Become a teacher is illuminate roads grow souls, planting illusions and hopes, encourage lives. Genuine educator understands that its mission goes far beyond imparting skills or develop skills, as he is directed to form propositional, optimistic, cheerful hearts that take the problems as challenges to overcome and grow with the own difficulties. Passionate hearts of life, able to shake off the routines, weariness, passivity, hopelessness. Hearts willing to bend fear into value, that transform weakness in energy, indifference in enthusiasm, the discouragement in confidence, doubt in faith, in love selfishness, darkness into light. Joyful hearts, that assume each time as a wonderful adventure and are able to live in the permanent party of the delivery and service trying to be a gift to others:
One thing I've learned in my life to walk, I can not beat God, when it comes to giving.
As much as I want to give you, always I wins it me, because more than what I asked her back to me.
You can give without love, no you can't love without giving, if I give you don't because I have, rather I have because I.
And when God asks of me, it is that he wants me to give; and when God gives, it is that he wants me to ask.
If you want, make the attempt and begins to give you today, and you'll see that in a short time you also can say:
One thing I've learned from my life walking, can not win to God when it comes to giving.
(Friends of the Tarahumara).

Translated for educational purposes.

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