What is the meaning of abuse of power ? Concept, Definition of abuse of power

Definition and what is abuse of power

Abuse involves using excessive, improper, unfair and improper to something or someone, insofar as possible, the power is the domain, the faculty or the jurisdiction that someone has to send, or failing that, execute some action or activity.
Then, we can talk about abuse of power when leader, superior or an authority exceeds the performance of their duties demanding a subordinate, from threats such as loss of employment, which perform certain actions or activities that are not among those they should develop.
One of the most common of this type of abuse modalities is given to instances of power precisely when a person accesses a position of importance which allows you to make certain decisions and have others, is common that you use that influence and power that gives her charge to submit to his subordinates and force them to perform certain activities with a mission to satisfy their personal interests and that they have nothing to do with the functions for the which were hired.
It turns out to be quite frequent that some individuals who serve in the forces of a nation's security incurred by abuse of power, especially when they exceed in the use of violence and the powers they deserve. Some clear examples of abuse of power by public security forces are: when they stop an individual any sinjustificacion and without a warrant to authorize him to make, when they hit an arrested individual to make you confess a crime in which it is believed is involved or when they do not allow a detainee to communicate with a lawyer to defend themselves against what they accused, among other possibilities.
Abuse of power is an undesirable behavior which is typified criminally as crime in the majority of the laws of the world.

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