What is the meaning of barbarism? Concept, Definition of barbarism

Concept of barbarism

The Romans called barbarians who were foreigners, and possessed customs different from the Roman, which they described as rough and primitive. The barbarians were who invaded and were fall of the Western Roman Empire in the year 476.
Thus passed away the concept of barbarism to mean the opposite of that set the cultural patterns of a community. Sonactitudes of barbarism which are considered non-civilized, cruel and degrading to the peers, such as Islamic terrorism, State terrorism that imposed the Latin American dictatorships in the early 1970s, the exploitation of women and children, slavery, etc.
However, this concept of barbarism conceals an ethnocentric concept, consider their own culture as superior, and barbarism may qualify both one and another culture according to perspective as you look at, and the historical moment from which is judged to be. The Spaniards considered acts of barbarism the human sacrifices that American aborigines, did while opposite, also from the point of view you can see as barbaric acts killing aborigines not to accept the Christian religion of love and charity.
Immanuel Kant considered that barbarism was contrary to the philosophy of the Enlightenment, rational thinking, and should be deleted.
Domingo Faustino Sarmiento identified barbarity with Spaniards intransigent, while the rest of European countries represent progress and lacivilizacion. Barbarism resided for him, in the field wrapped up in the gaucho and federalism, and civilization in the urban area and Unitarianism.

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