What is the meaning of cruelty ? Concept, Definition of cruelty

Definition and what is cruelty

It is called cruelty to a cruel and inhumane action that generates pain ysufrimiento in another. What represents this term derived from the latincrudelĭtas, the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy CITES him as an example and representation of impiety, inhumanity and ferocity of mood.
Cruelty can be committed by people of all ages and damage to any type of creature. A child, for example, can carry out at school cruelty humiliate with hurtful phrases to a classmate for being of another nationality, while an adult can be cruel with his son to not celebrate him his birthday as punishment for fighting with his brothers.
Attach heavy trucks to a horse so that this drag, spread venom on any street to kill street pets and let a dog abandoned in the middle of a route are also examples of cruelty to animals.
This word which encompasses aberrant practices driven by the man can also synthesize in one word desalmadas attitudes that cause the suffering of the elderly, who often are exposed to physical and psychological abuse that unfortunately there are people who do not hesitate to cause them damage covered in the tranquillity that gives them knowing that they are helpless beings by the cruelty of others.
For Psychiatry, the cruelty is a psychological disturbance that involves obtaining the pleasure from the suffering of others or indifference to the pain of others. Cruelty is also associated with sadism, which is from the excitation of causing pain to another subject.

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