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The concept of culture can be understood in several ways. In General, the term tissue culture that creates the social level from the various traditions and customs of a community. People who belong to a particular society express themselves and behave in a way that characterizes the group in question.

General, on the other hand, is an adjective that qualifies what is common to many things of a different nature or that which is frequent or habitual. It is possible to distinguish, in this sense, between the General and the particular.

General culture means the accumulation of knowledge that a person has on varied themes. Who has good general culture, has knowledge of diverse themed without specialise in any particular area.

Examples: "How come you don't know at what temperature water boils? This is general culture! "," Dr. Gullonetti can be a great expert in quantum physics, but it lacks general knowledge to have an interesting conversation "," despite having no academic degree, thanks to my curiosity and my life experience, I think I even have an acceptable level of general culture ".

The general culture is the knowledge that enables an individual build your own discretion, examine various issues and respond with success in different facets of everyday life. That culture can construct from systematic study (at a school, University, etc.), informal education (self-taught) and experience gained over the years.

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