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Inauguration is a term that derives from the Latin language. The word inauguratĭo gave way to the Portuguese concept that allows you to refer to the action or the result of inaugurate.

This verb, in turn, means to achieve the opening of certain facilities, officially announce the start of an event or open a particular work. The inauguration is therefore associated with a beginning.

Examples: "the inauguration of the stadium will take place next Friday at 5:0 pm", "after the inauguration of the new plant, the Governor boarded a plane and headed to Sao Paulo", "When we have achieved the opening of the company, was a dream come true".

It's a habit inauguration happening as an act or ceremony. What marks the inauguration is the starting point or the official start of something. An art exhibition, just to cite one case, has its inauguration when a responsible exposure cuts the Ribbon, make a speech or develop some other symbolic action. It's customary that, after the inauguration, to open doors to visitors, although there are events in which the official inauguration will take place a few days after opening.

The authorities of a Government usually perform numerous inaugurations throughout his mandates. In these cases, the opening of a school, a hospital or other infrastructure allow you to publicize the works carried out by the State and political capital.

It can be considered that the Act of enclosure is the opposite of una inauguration. This action is to be terminated or terminates an event that had opened earlier.

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