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The painting can be interpreted in two ways: the first to which I refer is coating makes you an object in order to protect its surface. Sometimes it is made with the purpose of beautifying. This type of paint is that we call "broad brush" painting although it includes very refined techniques. However painting as protection of objects is later than the "art of painting" is the second form.
In this way the painting is as old as mankind and we can define the as the plastic expression that uses pigments of color on the surface of objects to manifest itself. In the stone age ancestors permanently imprinted on the walls of the caverns and other places with very simple technical images of scenes of the time: as they hunted, animals that hunted and things like.
Our experience with primitive cultures removed the assumption that the painting represented something magical or associated with religious beliefs, and indeed religious art has had a preponderance in all the great civilizations; but I don't want to rule out (a very personal way) that in the long winters which had after the last ice age is much use weather simply to create something beautiful, something in what be entertained, otherwise why we find beautiful even with over millennia so rude strokes in those walls? The truth must be that our sense of beauty should be as primitive as us.
There are basically two types of paintings, which are based on the water and which are based on oil. The first are the tempera, watercolor, acrylic and the cake (also call this gis pastel or chalk). The latter are tempera, oil and the crayon. Another aspect that is very important in the field of painting is that has to do with with the surfaces that are to be used, for example on paper are preferred watercolor and pastel, while preferring in wood or plaster is acrylic and tempera. About fabrics, ready or not, there have always been preferred by oil or acrylic.
It is very interesting to see how artists manage to give texture to flat surfaces, for example using the 'transparency' of very diluted watercolors or hardness which acquires oil undiluted or very "dry" tempera. The painting is a very versatile medium to convey ideas, as manifest it miniatures which were used to decorate the Bibles by hand copied during the middle ages and are the predecessors of the cartoons, strips comic and art of animation in the film. It is a predecessor of the photographic techniques and when these are refined make that painting look for new directions that has enrich finding renewed forms of expression.
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