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The term Reggaeton is not on Portuguese language dictionaries for not being recognized, but it's a foreign word that achieved a great popularity in recent years.

Reggaeton is a genus of music that combines rap with reggae and hip hop. Appeared in Central America in the late 1980, but it took about twenty years to become popular and get to other regions of the world. It is believed that were artists of Panama, which began to take elements of reggae in Spanish, which you have added components of rap and have been developing this rate.

Examples: "the style of my son's favorite music is Reggaeton", "Controversy by a reggaetón song that offends women", "I can't stand Reggaeton: prefer before reggae".

According to some versions, would have been the American singer (Puerto Rican parents) Vico C who named her reggaetón. In addition to the musical, one of the main characteristics of the genre are bills of social denunciation. The artists usually make the songs are easy to decorate, but include reports about social problems and comments about the difficulties living in Latin America. And there's still the songs with explicit sexual content.

Daddy Yankee, Calle 13, Don Omar, Wisin & Yandel, Pitbull, El General and the Portuguese singer Ana Malhoa are some of the best-known reggaetón singers worldwide, which tend to sell thousands of records and get introduced in large stadiums.

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