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Bible reading: Deuteronomy 28-31 (10 min.)

(Deuteronomy 28:1)

“And if you will without fail listen to the voice of Jehovah your God by being careful to do all his commandments that I am commanding you today, Jehovah your God will certainly put you high above all other nations of the earth.

*** w95 12/15 p. 26 Righteousness Exalts a Nation ***
Ancient Israel was God’s chosen nation. He gave them his laws and told them that if they obeyed his voice, he would place them “high above all other nations of the earth.”
(Deuteronomy 28:1)
It was not Israel’s own righteousness but Jehovah’s righteousness that exalted them. The commandments that God gave them were far superior to the laws of the nations around them. As a people, they were just as imperfect as all those nations. Hence, to Jehovah’s superior Law and their strict adherence to it go the credit for their being lifted up above the nations. When they obeyed Jehovah’s laws, they enjoyed his favor and blessing. King Solomon experienced this during his reign. He could say: “Righteousness is what exalts a nation, but,” he warned, “sin is something disgraceful to national groups.”—Proverbs 14:34.

(Deuteronomy 28:2)

All these blessings will come upon you and overtake you, because you keep listening to the voice of Jehovah your God:

*** w10 9/15 p. 8 par. 3 Earnestly Seek Jehovah’s Blessing ***
(Deut. 28:1, 2) Jehovah’s blessings would not just come upon God’s people but would “overtake” them. For those obedient ones, the blessings would be absolutely certain.


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