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Definition of customize

Customize is a verb that is not part of all french dictionaries because it is a borrowing from English, but which, however, has a quite common use in our language. It is an adaptation of the word English customize, which means change something according to their personal preferences.

We can say, therefore, that customize an object is the same thing that customize it (adapted to its taste). The concept of customize is common in the field of fashion and clothing (ready-to-wear), but also used in marketing.

Suppose that a young designer buys a pink shirt. This garment has no drawing or printed decorative, it's just a completely pink. The designer, however, decides to customise it: it adds a bow and dyed it him Cup sleeves. Thus, his (personalized) custom shirt will be a unique experience and exclusive, impossible to find elsewhere because it will have altered it with his own hands, his personal work.

Another example of customization can be found in the case of a Web design studio that works on the basis of preconceived models. This company has some basic templates to their customers, who choose those that they prefer and designers are responsible for the changes. Studio, therefore, will have customized the model according to the customer's requirements.

In the case of cars and motorbikes, the Act to customize the vehicle is called tuning (Word) and not customize although both concepts are similar.
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