Meaning & Definition of Diligence (Concept / What is)

Definition of Diligence

Latin diligentia, due diligence is a term that allows different applications. It can be a large car or a means of transport pulled by horses and allows the mobility/transport of persons.

Examples: "last night, I saw a movie in the Wild West where Indians attacked a stagecoach", "my dream is to travel in a stagecoach", "diligence was arrested and Billy the Kid quickly appeared to rob the occupants.

Diligence was therefore a common way of transport once. It was common to complete a regular fixed-route service, linking two villages remote from one another.

Usually, the Stagecoach was divided into three compartments. The front part of the car, known as the sedan, had three seats, side doors and windows to the front. At the centre of the car, on the inside, there were two seats, side doors, and cutting doors. The rear part, called roundabout had two side-facing seats and a central rear door.

Another use of the concept of due diligence, is however, associated with an administrative procedure, a request, a company or a dependency. Due diligence, in this sense, may be associated with the work: "Natalie, can you come to my office? '' I want to ask you to do a due diligence","I finish diligence have been asked by the doctor and then I will return home,""due diligence took me three hours, but I already finished."

Diligence is also care in execution of something, the timeliness or effectiveness: "Thank you for your diligence in solving the problem", "diligence is would be not made as well without your due diligence.
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