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"Universe" (from the latin universus), defined as the set of all created things (if you believe in creation), or of all things that exist.

We often use words such as "universal" or "universality" to refer to a fact or idea that all-encompassing although, often, we refer to something that does not extend beyond our planet, as when we named a "universal" artist or referring to the '' universality '' of laws, phenomena or cultural events. In these cases, although we obviously refer to the scope of our planet, we are expressing an idea of totality.

When we speak of the astronomical universe it seems more appropriate to refer to it with the Greek word "Cosmos". Although many dictionaries we find exactly the same definitions for both terms, there is a difference of nuance: "Cosmos" seems limited to matter and space, while the concept of "Universe" also includes the energy and time.

In this chapter we will try the basic aspects of the universe: what is, as shown, and which are its fundamental laws.

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