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What is creativity?

Creativity is the creation of new concepts, associations or ideas, original, and appropriate for their purpose through a series of mental processes. There is no consensus on the details of these mental processes, and sought explanations and clear definitions from different points of view. On the other hand, there is no standardized to allow for a reliable measurement of the same.

The history of creativity is as old as the world itself, and the early approaches were to give an explanation of divine origin; for example the ancient Greece refers of the muses as a source of inspiration for poets. At that time only thought that creativity intervened in poetry, and only later in history came to recognize their influence on other arts and then in all areas of life. For psychology, although there is no consensus, creativity represents the emergence of subconscious processes in consciousness, so these 'creative' ideas seem to come without the intervention of the individual. Even has been linked with madness, indeed with certain types of personalities who share characteristics of certain pathologies, there is speculation it it would encourage access to both hemispheres of the brain. For Neurology, this ability is associated with activation and cooperation between areas of the brain that normally functional rather independently.

Apparently, this phenomenon reaches beyond current science, although it is clearly involved in the process of scientific discovery and creation. In the areas where it is more readily associated and imaginable, it is in art, although it is also intuitively associable to literature. But in reality this quality or faculty is coveted in all areas of human endeavor, as in business, economics, architecture and industrial design. As we can see, the creativity is a wonderful mystery.
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