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What is intelligence?

Intelligence is the ability of humans to process information from the environment, and to also pick it up from the outside. Intelligence is something that depends on the internal structures of the brain and its interaction with the outside world. Now the way to interpret this concept is quite broad, and today has been chosen to distinguish different types of intelligence, of which the "emotional intelligence" has already become part of the collective unconscious, due to the success of the book with the same title, written by Daniel Goleman.

Up to some time ago ago thought that intelligence was something unit that could be measured with a single number that realized its level. This explains the historical importance that has had the assessment that is made in the field of education, where it was thought, and still is the case today, obtained notes gave account of the intelligence of the appraisee. Thus, it was considered that a student who was constantly getting good grades was a very intelligent person, whereas one that gets low marks is a person of poor intelligence. However, thanks to the efforts of different disciplines, including psychology, have been expanding this concept by dividing intelligence into eight subtypes, which would explain why some people possess more skills and facilities to perform certain tasks than others.

All people possess these eight kinds of intelligence, but as already mentioned, some to a greater degree of development than others, what would be given by everyone's own biology, as well as the relationship that has been sustained with the external world throughout his life.

In general terms, this new and comprehensive conception of intelligence includes it as the human ability to solve problems that are given on a daily basis, to generate new problems, as well as to create and deliver products in their own cultural environment. The eight types of intelligence are composed of musical intelligence, the corporal-cenestesica, Linguistics, the logico-matematica, the space, the interpersonal, the intrapersonal, and finally, the naturalistic intelligence. Some researchers differ even more types, up to 20, but these eight are used to get an idea of differentiation.
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