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What is self-esteem?

Self-esteem is a concept defined from psychology, and is understood as that image is about himself, so is that complex set of assessments and feelings of our person on our characteristics, skills and capabilities.

A very important aspect of self-esteem lies in its formation. It's something that unfolds throughout the life from the experiences that we have to live and how they make us feel about ourselves. In this way, it is not surprising that sometimes we are faced with certain situations that make us feel a little stupid, either, the best to do some work.

The way in which develops the self-image of people turns out to be crucial in most aspects of his life, since it has a very large influence on the way of the different challenges that presents the life and the limitations imposed by each is to act. A person with a good or high self-esteem tend to pay better than a person of low self esteem, since the latter imposed limitations which, most of the times, are found only in his mind.

As already mentioned, self-esteem develops slowly throughout the different stages of life, being one of the most important adolescence. It is at this stage that people begin to set up what will later be his identity, allowing you to know with greater certainty their real potential as a person, in addition, during this period it will be necessary to have the support of the other signifiers and find people like in order to have pairs and a group to which they belong. The way in which self-esteem has been developed during childhood, which is closely related to the love and the support provided by the family, will allow the adolescent overcome this crisis successfully stage, forging strong identity and self-esteem that will broaden its possibilities as an individual.
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