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What is responsibility?

Responsibility is a rather broad concept, which relates to assume the consequences of all those acts that we as conscious and intentional. It is one of the most important human values, which is born from the human ability to be able to choose between different options and Act, making use of free will, which is the need to take all those consequences arising from these actions.

Responsibility not only relates to the consequences of our actions, but it is also associated with the principles, those background from which man takes the motivation to exercise free will and acts. Thus, it is understandable that responsibility may be at stake when a person begins to perform certain activities without having real reasons to do so, even in the case that such action bring favourable or positive results.

The liability of persons is of utmost importance, since it is one of the values that allow to keep in order the life in community, demonstrating this commitment with their own decisions and the consequences that these can generate both the person itself and those who surround him.

Responsible persons differ from those that are not in the first always take into account the intention of what they are doing and don't question or are limited by those rules that impose them as basic to meet its objectives. On the other hand, a person who lacks responsibility will be that always looks and presents excuses to justify what they did, in addition to not show a serious commitment to specific issues to make sure that things are on track. This is why that responsibility, in addition to behave as one of human values par excellence, is so considered, for example, when looking for a job, since hiring to a subject is not able to assume the consequences of its actions and is not able to meet or engage not secured in any case the most basic fulfilment of its tasks.
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