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What is Ethics?

Ethics, is one of the many branches of philosophy. It is that science, since study things for their causes, the universal and necessary, that is dedicated to the study of human acts. But those who are both performed by the will and absolute freedom of the person. Every human act that is not made through the will of the person and that is absent of freedom, do not enter in the study or field of ethics.
This is a relevant point, since ethics, is about the Act well or badly done. Therefore, if a person acts improperly, but he did so under pressure, or in the absence of freedom, to choose, not you can speak of a human act. Rather, of a wrong human act.
But to understand a human Act, first you have to know, that is the man. And this matter corresponds to anthropology. Another branch of philosophy. Which study man, as intended. From which it follows, that the man is a substantial unity of body and soul. That is, every man has a body and a soul. Finally, we can point out that the human being is an end in itself. Since the soul, provides it inherent dignity.
Taking that and going back to ethics, man is called to perform good acts. Which we are guided, through consciousness. Which clarified us that acts are correct and incorrect. Therefore, it is that we must aim at the virtues. These are habits that make us perfect. Already that any branch of philosophy, as well as ethics, they tend to the perfection of man. The purpose of this, look from one of these branches. Why the virtues, the ethical points out, that happiness is the ultimate goal of human beings. Which is achieved through the perfection of acting of the man.
Therefore, awareness dictates us, to be fair, is correct. Since facing injustice, all don't feel past to carry. Therefore, we shall aim to be fair. But a just act, as fair, nothing changes. For this reason, if that Act, we repeat it several times, we will become a habit. Which, we refined and will make us happy. Therefore, ethics, even though it is a branch of philosophy, point of departure, that includes the love of wisdom, or know by know, ethics is a practical science. Since through it, we can guide our actions, to those that make us more virtuous and happy.
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