Meaning & Definition of Human Rights (Concept / What is)

What are Human Rights?

Human rights (D.D.H.H.) are defined as those guarantees that possess human beings; they are those attributes and characteristics of persons who cannot be violated or damaged, as for example, his life, not being possible to violating physical integrity as psychic people, similarly, is not possible to threaten their dignity and their freedom. Something fundamental human rights environment, is that these arise from the own human nature, and must be applied to everyone equally, without any possibility of discrimination.
There are certain characteristics of human rights, which allow greater understand the importance that have. Firstly, are inherent to the human being, i.e., as mentioned previously, come from the nature of man and the recognition of their dignity just for being a human being. Secondly, human rights are universal, so are applied to all persons in the world alike. On the other hand, these are rights inalienable, in other words, it is rights that cannot be lost or removed, because they come from human nature. Finally, human rights are inviolable, which prevents that these is to transgress, in this way, any person not respecting your rights has full freedom to demand it, receiving a compensation around the damage.
Human rights, in order to facilitate its application, respect and understanding, are divided into two, the civil and political rights, and on the other hand, the economic, social and cultural rights.
First, include the right to life, and therefore physical integrity within himself. It also includes the right to freedom of expression, equality before the law and the application for protection.
Economic, social and cultural rights are those relating to decent work, health, education and property.
Although it's basic rights, thousands of people see violated their human rights on a daily basis, which has generated the formation of organizations throughout the world, which are dedicated to ensure compliance with and respect for them.
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