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What is Justice?

Justice is that set of norms and rules that allow to control the behaviour among the people, allowing, endorsing, prohibiting and limiting certain behaviors or actions in the human act or with the institutions, however, is from the science of law, which is fairly complex to achieve a definition only around this concept, since this depends on multiple factorsIn addition, there are as many definitions as authors, since justice depends on a context in particular, where experiences, circumstances and quite different situations, develop, however, each of these definitions makes that come to light values such as freedom, truth, peace and democracy.
The problem around the justice is something that has been found present throughout history, in this way, the same Aristotle already tried to define it, dividing into the so-called law particularly, or law of the cops, and the common law, one that is present in nature.
Justice not only refers to the set of rules imposed on a society, but it also implies equality among its members, establishing, for example, the leaving (having recognized a successor, or membership in popular terms) for certain things right. As we see it is a concept which implies equality, but above all, ethical.
As mentioned previously, justice and "just right" varies from person to person, allowing that, in everyday life, there are differences between what a father and a son consider just about a given situation. The same happens with the judicial systems in each State or nation in particular, where not all citizens are in accordance with the opinion of the judges in certain situations of conflict, above all, when the resolution, personally, does not favor us and involves, in some cases, even the payment of fines or the deprivation of liberty.
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