Meaning & Definition of Philanthropy and Charity (Concept / What is)

What about Philanthropy and Charity?

Although these terms are often used interchangeably, the truth is that they have parallels, but they are not the same, as we will see in the article. Charity technically speaking is a theological virtue (quality or virtue necessary for the mind seeking salvation, called the faith, hope and charity), i.e. has a rather religious connotation, while philanthropy is disengaged equivalent of religious implications.
Let's start with the charity. This, in theology Christian part as mentioned of the theological virtues, is in its highest sense the love God above all things, which extends the love of neighbor. Means that charity as an expression of love is the last of the human spirit perfectly, because it glorifies and reflects in the best way the divine nature; in the words of St. Paul: "If I speak all tongues of men and of angels, and missing the love (as this phrase in some publications literally as charity), would not be more than bronze that resonates and the whole campaign".
A theory speaks of that philanthropy, is a concept coined by the Roman Emperor Flavius Claudio Juliano, at the end of the 3rd century. This character tried to restore the come to less Paganism which prevailed in the Empire before the advent of Christianity, and for these purposes looking for substitutes to Christian concepts, giving them a meaning away from the Catholic religion. In this undertaking, it encouraged the use of philanthropy by the charity; Etymologically Philanthropy has Greek roots: "edges" or love, and "antropos" of man. Or is that philanthropy means literally love to man or mankind. Given the intuitive etymological root of the concept, it is likely that this has existed previously mentioned Emperor, used in different contexts, referring to the same thing.
Or, we can conclude that although its taken quite literally meaning is the same, its roots and scope they are different; charity is a religious term, while philanthropy is used in the context of non-religious humanist. This being the most diligent technically, but nowadays are used interchangeably both terms to denote acts and attitudes towards the love of neighbor; regardless of the source of this love, are always notable acts on the. There is no argument as to the charity or philanthropy to make us better human beings.
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