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What is Respect?

Respect is the recognition of the interests and feelings of the other in a relationship. Although the term is commonly used in the field of interpersonal relations, it also applies to relations between groups of people, countries and organizations of various kinds. It is not simply the consideration or deference, but it involves one true no selfish interests on the other more explicit obligations that may exist.
Sometimes is confused respect with any behavior in particular, such as good manners or kindness, but respect is something different from this, it is an attitude. This attitude is the recognition of the value of a person, either inherent or also related to a skill or behaviour. (for example comply with "good judgment" of someone in particular.
One of the philosophers who most influence exercised over the concept of respect in the world of the Academy was Immanuel kant. His moral philosophy this thinker argues that humans must be respected because they are an end in themselves. To be an end in themselves possess an intrinsic and absolute value. For this reason it is that human beings have this special value, called 'dignity' by Kant.
Another important form of this concept is to respect oneself. There is wide consensus among thinkers in that this manifestation of respect is an essential skill for life so satisfying and full of meaning. In addition, it is vital for life in society that we carry. For all this, respect ourselves and others.
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