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What is Solidarity?

Solidarity is one of the human values for excellence, which is expected when another significant requires our good feelings to come out ahead. In these terms, the solidarity is defined as the mutual collaboration in people, like that feeling that holds people together at all times, especially when is experience hard-which is not easy to leave experiences.
Due to the true meaning of solidarity is not wonder that hear this term most often when we are in times of war or of large natural tailors. In this way, thanks to the solidarity it is possible to give a hand to those who are less fortunate with this type of situation.
As we see, solidarity is more than anything a social Act, an action that allows the human being keep and maintain in its nature of being social. Due to the above is that it is essential to encourage and develop solidarity in all its edges, since it is not only necessary to carry out actions that will be required in times of war or natural disasters, but it will be essential when any of our loved ones, whether they are friends or family, have a problem that our help or company are a contribution to improve the situation somewhat.
It is not surprising then that solidarity to behave as the basis of many other human values or even our most valuable social relations, such as the case of friendship. In this sense, the solidarity allows us to feel connected to other people in a relationship that involves feelings needed to maintain normal social functioning. In more general terms, may even let the man feel that it belongs to a particular place, in other words, allows develop feelings as belonging to certain nation, keeping the citizens of one place fight together for a reason or work together to achieve the same goal.
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