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What are the Values?

Throughout the human existence, man has been assessing different things of his life. Many times, we value family. Our wife or husband. A quiet evening. Finally, many things can be valued. Models propose that there are values for every human need. For example the nutritional values of foods respond to the need to eat. Values such as friendship are derived from our need to socialize and feel loved, etc...
Values have to do with ethics. That philosophical study, by which, we know, how we should act in life. Having an act straight. Precisely, the values, have to do with the human acting. But one who has will and was performed in a free way.
A value, will have direct effect, in the Act of man. And to act by means of a value, it will be acting correctly. Since the values, they have to do with doing good. Whenever we implement a value, we will be at work in a good way. Since practicing a value, it is doing good.
A value can be justice. Through consciousness, we know innately, to do what is right, it's okay. But with a one-time practice justice, does not make that person, possesses the value of Justice. A value, is an acquired right habit. I.e., the constant repetition of a positive act, will make us acquire a habit, therefore a value (such as the justice) and thus, on a continuous basis, will be fair.
A value, is due. A proper good, is good which corresponds to an action.
The values are true light guides, by which, man and society, should be routed. To achieve the common good of all (other than the public good). Values, represent a refinement of the human being. Since we are all perfectible. Therefore, the values help us and drive, to be better human beings. They guide us to be more perfect.
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