What are the categories?

The word category applies social, educational and professional divisions and even philosophical activity or career that he is, for example when we say that an engineer is a Bachelor and compare it with another that has a degree then we're distinguishing them by the category of College. In philosophical and moral order, a person's life has a very superior to the economic value of a car, although for some is not so and things look as climb a sidewalk crowded of people to avoid passing by a speeder with a school and not, the driver was not drunk.

However another interesting factor in this is that the economic categories depend on the historical moment as the categories define the society and therefore in the process of transition between a historic moment and another may lose its sense, as it is the case with social classes of the middle ages and the industrial era since the balance of social and economic power had moved from nobles to the bourgeois. Now the economic categories are the divisions between the relationships that arise from social action and production economics theorists make and depend on much of the philosophical school to which they belong.

The most widespread are those that originate from Marxism, I think that Karl Marx is who defined them and that definition we have adjusted because even in that there is a widespread agreement and it is natural given the fact that these categories as well as the previous ones are highly dependent on the historical framework. Let's see, Marx believed that the economic categories are a way of ordering society according to the means of production. Why use the means of production as a frame of reference? Because according to him the only economic fact that all cultures have is production, whereby man manufacture objects and then the economic categories are defined from the perspective.

Within the broad economic categories are feudalism, capitalism, and imperialism. Within the lower categories are the capital, money, capital gains, and more modern bond, electronic money and stock transfers. I must clarify that this mention of large categories and minors is merely mine. Finally it is worth mentioning that grammatical accidents are classified into categories.
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