What is discipline?

Discipline is a concept that has multiple definitions. On the one hand, it is defined as a science or an art, however, the most common is understand discipline as instruction that possesses a person around some doctrine and the precise form that takes him to practice.

It is thanks to the discipline that people can act determinedly to meet their goals and objectives. A clear example of this is seen in athletes, who, after long difficult preparation times, achieved good results in the competitions. Discipline in this case relates, not only with the daily training of the sport in question, but also to lead a rigorous diet and special care of the health and well-being.

As you might guess, the discipline, applies not only to great goals, but it is present in every moment of our lives. The discipline is occupied by parents to educate their children, however, many of them associate it directly with the punishment, forgetting that the real sense of the discipline is to form and educate, teaching the child since childhood the ideal form of behaviour in the different areas of life.

Both in the education of children as in personal achievement of objectives, the discipline has close relation with perseverance, in other words, both parents educating as people seeking to achieve something must act in an organized and persevering to achieve good results, in other words, the discipline loses its North and the goals of fading. Because of this, it is that it is often necessary to be most self-demanding, putting an extra effort in strict compliance with the order and perseverance needed to be disciplined people and accomplish great things.
Translated for educational purposes.
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