What is the law?

To understand the law, it should be noted, that this will always be a means and not an end. Once you have taken the right, as an end in itself, societies have been distorted. What it doesn't mean, that the right does not have a coercive force. Since without it, the law, could not impose on a society. Unfortunately, the human being, in different situations, should be pressed to meet as instructed. Therefore, if the law had no coercive power, many people would tend to not respect the laws of his country.
Now, who administers the law? This is managed and administered by the political forces, legitimized by the people, to take the reins of the nation. Without that legitimacy, the right is transformed not only unfair, but tyrannical.
Within the law, there are various sources that feed it. The main one, is the Constitution of the State. All Constitution, is the backbone of any legal system. The laws and the law itself, are subject to this. We also have the jurisprudence, which is developing on the basis of various failures, that occur in the courts of Justice. Above all in the Supreme courts, maximum representative of the law enforcement agencies. Front judged things a particular way of seeing the same cases, over and over again is formed. So in general, compared to similar cases, is judged in the same way. Custom, is another factor that feeds to the right. The way in which two-person character or judicial controversies are have been resolved.
The idea of incorporating the customary, conventional law, was born of the Romans. Who are the real precursors of modern law. Were they, by means of its republics and to expand his empire, before the Caesars, who developed the concept of the right to a very similar to the now standard. In fact, Roman law is the basis of the judicial system in the West today. . They saw in the laws, the fair and correct way, keep order in Rome and the provinces of the Empire. But these, arriving in the lands of the North or the barbarians (currently Germany), realized that they handled it with a more basic legal system. The one which had as basis, the usual. There were no laws or writings, on how to judge. There was only the notion of what they used to face an internal problem in the society. Situation involving their right.
Now, the essence of the right is that you delivery rights and obligations to the citizens of a country. With the first, important aspects of every citizen, which will allow you to develop in that society are protected. The second thing is to respect precepts accepted by all inhabitants of the country. Without respect, he would live in a chaos.
Therefore, the law has the powers to punish those who violate the laws. Many of these penalties, carries penalties of deprivation of liberty or distressing. This is given to preserve the rights of the rest of the citizens. To the extent that that person, it is considered a danger to society.
That if, before that is considered to the right, as a repressive entity, I must look at it as a preventive factor, so that it will not infringe the laws. Through its Act, it intends, above all things, to prevent someone, you want to commit a crime. Whether this, civil or criminal.
Finally, the right tends to seek solutions to the various conflicts that can occur in a society. Whether in contract, marital, level in the public sector or private. The right is the great mediator of the society which people who inhabit a country, without restriction of any kind, they can go to solve their conflicts in a Court of law. It is the same, that there are different branches within the law. In which the two fundamental branches, are private law and public law. Between people, such as the monetary problems, we have the civil law. This applies above all in the economic (minor) offences. For older, as companies situations, there is economic law. The one which regulates legally, much of the Act in the market. In the same vein, we have the labor law, which regulates the relationship, empleado-empresa, or employer-employee. Contractual issues between these two instances are mainly. We can not fail to mention, to criminal law. One of the fundamental structures, in the order of any nation. It is through this law, how is regulated and they are punished, all those crimes involving both theft and robbery, to facts of death. Through the child and sexual offences. Everything that means violence, in the broad sense of the word, is governed and regulated by the criminal law. Today, with the technological development that has lived the planet, has had to develop, the computer law. Which standard all crime, in which software elements, derived from computing to deal.
Translated for educational purposes.
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