What is the truth?

It is a term of difficult definition, despite being a concept that man uses in every moment of his life. The truth is something essential in human life, which, in personal way, I think that only it can be defined in terms of what is not. In this sense the truth behaves like that is not false and is configured in compliance with what is intended with what is done or said.

It is about the difficulty of its definition and the high impact in the life of all human beings that the truth has been a topic of constant discussion, throughout history, logic, theologians and philosophers. However, have been the logical people who have managed to respond to that question with a more concrete and simple way to understand, through a system of falsacion trying to get to the essence of the entire statement.

The truth, since all the prospects dealing with answering the problems associated to it, has been configured as an abstract concept of great influence for all disciplines, in this way, to define exactly the truth, and in certain terms, the reality, are accomplished set statements impossible to refute, what is in constant tension.

The truth is something so fundamental that it not only behaves as a philosophical problem par excellence, it is also one of the bases of human social behavior. It is not possible to establish meaningful and lasting social relationships without trust in another faculty. Once trust is broken, the establishment of relations with other signifiers becomes quite difficult. In this way, once our behavior begins to rely on what little relate to truth, relationships based on trust are broken and little remains of valuable social relations.

Although the truths factual or empirical, as the weight of an object, its size, or the result of a sum, absolute and unquestionable, truths are truths in the philosophical field become more related, and if we come to the metaphysical plane or spiritual truths, the issue becomes more complicated; each will defend his view or his "truth". An important point about the spiritual truth, is the tolerance against what might have this concept to others; historically lathe wars have been fought to it, and it is better to understand that given our limitations and cultural and social peculiarities it is possible to conceive of God in different ways. A good story that reflects this comes from India, which speaks of a group of blind men who come to an elephant and try to determine what that play; all play a part other than the elephant, and therefore discussed about the nature of what they are playing, and yet for all them is the same, only you are "watching" different aspects of a single truth.
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