Alternative solutions to infertility

The mind is capable of altering the balance of our body, therefore the stress or the mental blocks can hinder pregnancy. We give you alternative solutions to emotionally cope with infertility.

The emotions to infertility

Stress and anxiety are behind many cases of couples who are unable to become pregnant. To make us an idea, the chances of the eggs is fertilizing are reduced by 30% in women who suffer from high levels of anxiety, even the risk of miscarriage increases for this cause. Let alone in couples undergoing fertility treatments, a hard process to not only physical but also psychological level for many, making that you between 15% and 45% end up abandoning such treatments. Let's take a look at how the stress in these cases and how emotions affect infertility.

Effects of stress on fertility

Stress creates hormonal body changes, as for example, the increase of adrenaline and cortisol - are just one example, since there are many more hormones that can affect our physical and emotional state in the endocrine system. They are hormones that increase alert or emergency situations that increase heart rate, generate the contraction of blood vessels, dilated air passages and are essential in the known as "response to fight or flight". These hormones are a compound that the human being needs to be able to confront critical situations that required an extra supply of blood and oxygen, for example, if you are crossing the street and comes a car at high speed and need to run, Adrenaline and cortisol which will allow you to react to this extreme situation.
So far, everything is normal, but at the moment in which we segregamos these hormones in situations that do not generate any alert physics, in that it is not necessary to all this extra contribution to the body, that's when starting problems in our body.
Adrenaline and cortisol also affect negatively the hormonal reproductive system, since these hormones, in high concentrations, altered the functioning of parts of our brain, the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus, which dealt, among other things, the production of follicle stimulating hormone or FSH (stimulates the secretion of estrogen), hormone luteinizing (LH) or lutropin (stimulates ovulation in women and the testosterone in men) and the (-) thyroid-stimulating hormoneTSH).
All this affect fertility? Producing Anovulation (there is no spontaneous ovulation, i.e. the egg is not released as normal through the ovary to not have been formed or matured properly), the quality of the eggs is impoverished, the sperm count decreases, and this makes more difficult the pregnancy. In addition a high value of TSH hormone produces spontaneous abortions.

Emotional blockages that hinder pregnancy

Another very interesting topic and that is investigating very actively at present, is how emotional blockages affect conception, making difficult it and, even, producing miscarriages.
When we talk about children's trauma, such as sexual abuse, abuse, loss of the father or the mother at an early age, alteration of the hierarchical system in the family... we talked about emotional loads, which in many cases do not exceed with the personal growth and produce psychophysical blocks and the poor development of the essential functions of the human being. In this case, human reproduction.
It is evident that the emotions produced by these traumas have a physiological impact, causing them, even, to affect our ability to design. The mind and body have to work together to achieve a balance between physical and mental, when this body-mind balance, start problems.
Here is an example of how affects mind to fertility: an alteration of the hierarchical system, as when a daughter takes the role of a mother of her own mother, creating a dependency emocioanal and disorder in the family system. In this case, the daughter has already fulfilled its role as"mother" and therefore can block the desire, unconscious, of being a mother. Especially in the case that this relationship has been toxic. A toxic relationship is one where one or two people, are suffering more than they enjoy, producing frustration in one or both parties; preventing personal growth. In this specific case, we can find the solution by performing a therapy called "Systemic family" or "Family constellation".
This therapy, which can be done in groups or individually, is to put in order the family system, i.e. that each exercise the role that he lives, the son should exercise of child and do not assume roles that do not correspond. Carried out by representatives who are put in the place of the members of the family, identify the emotions and relationships that are not beneficial to the system and are solved the same day that therapy takes place.
The emotional blockages are difficult to overcome without foreign aid, since, in the majority of situations, the person suffering from it is not fully aware of them. Therefore, in these cases the help of psychotherapists specialized is recommended.

The acceptance of the menstrual cycle

As we all know, emotion produces changes in the brain and hormonal system, which leads to changes in the reproductive system and, therefore, changes in the menstrual cycle. Understand and accept the menstrual cycle has helped many women to reduce PMS and, even, to delete it, regular periods, improve reproductive health and increase their fertility.
In the consultation when I meet women who have problems in their menstrual cycle (painful menstruation, absence of rule, irregular rules...) and therefore they have problems to achieve pregnancy, is one of the most important questions that I do them, "do you wish you could not return to rule no more?". The answer is essential to know how to live the woman their cycles, how women live their bodies.
There are a large number of women who do not accept their cycles (eye, the cycle is not only the menstruation). The rejection of the menstrual cycle symbolizes the rejection of femininity and, on many occasions, the rejection of fertility. Currently live a large movement worldwide acceptance of female cycles. The women we want to accept our changes and the only way to do so is understanding them. And we can do so through many techniques that help us to integrate it. For example, performing "feminine psychology workshops", or with the realization of "menstrual cycle diagrams": point daily physical and emotional sensations that feel, prior to ovulation, during ovulation, after ovulation and menstruation. In this way, after making several diagrams, i.e., after several months, women can predict what will happen as well accept it more easily, and also conducting our uterus displays, guided by a specialist, to take conscience of our reproductive system.
Accept all facets of our cycle us closer to balance and when the balance reaches, everything flows, resistances disappear and the pregnancy reaches.

Psychological support to deal with infertility

When a couple faces infertility, usually live from anxiety, fear, uncertainty, hopelessness, anger and disappointment (among other many emotions) and the set of all of them produce a high level of anxiety. Both couples looking for the baby in a natural way, and those who undergo assisted reproduction techniques, all living in a constant Ferris wheel of emotions. And every month, when menstruation comes, it is a tragedy that the couple takes as a loss.
Infertility influences, emotional level, both the man and the woman, but especially in the couple's relationship, since when subjected to treatments, they are of the nature to be, juxtaposes touched in this episode. The man feels attacked in their virility and women in its more intimate capacity, to give life, which means that frustration is a constant in their lives, even affecting their work and social life. And when this happens, both begin to find culprits, causing a greater frustration among them, the blame is not anyone's... To make it not happen, is required the help of professionals and support groups.
There are many couples referring to detect that there is a problem to get the pregnancy who do not already enjoy equal sexual intercourse, because they go to aim at only the playback. This is just a small example of how influences the infertility in the couple.
This state of anxiety, caused by infertility, makes the design even more difficult, decreasing the probability of success. It is the snake biting the tail, infertility generates anxiety, and anxiety increases infertility. Whether we like it or not, the mind and fertility are inexorably linked.

Alternative solutions to infertility

Today, both in psychology and in the alternative medicine you can find solutions to any of the emotional problems that complicate pregnancy, complementing the gaps that leave the traditional medicine. The future is the combination of three disciplines.
These are some of the alternative techniques used to increase fertility:
· Naturopathy: this discipline improves the quality of life and allows the body is self-regulating and is regenerated by natural means. It helps to improve fertility in couples through hydrotherapy, quiromassage, reflexology foot, phytotherapy, oligotherapy, natural supplements, Schüssler salts and improvements in the diet of both members of the couple.
· Family constellations(Family systems): is a therapeutic method that serves to unlock family dynamics in which are immersed in unconscious way. It is a quick method that works deep in the patient to find the order allowing that love can again flow into our family system of origin. This therapy can be performed in group or individually, and often give results very quickly.
· Homeopathy: natural healing system that tries to heal by applying, in minute doses, the same substances that would produce symptoms equal or similar to which it is fighting. The homeopathy front wing infertility can be used to address the low quality of the eggs, improve and regulate the menstrual cycle, eliminate PMS, increase the receptivity of the uterus for implantation...
· Therapy Gestalt: is a humanistic therapy. Its main objective is to "realize" what happens to us and how we affect our environment. I.e., expand awareness of one's self, in order to resolve emotional blockages that can prevent pregnancy. This type of therapy is geared toward the treatment of specific difficulties (in this case the infertility), but also towards the realization and personal growth.
· Mindfulness: is a technique whereby the person, with the help of meditation, is training and implanting in his life a way to be "here and now". Reducing the stress of every day. With the mindfulness can drastically reduce the anxiety causing infertility, but also assisted reproduction treatments. And at the same time we got than the couple alive otherwise the "no-show" of the baby.
· Acupuncture: is a technique that consists of the stimulation, by means of needles, the energy points of those organs which are not working properly. Thanks to acupuncture we can balance the hormonal system in women and in men, by improving the quantity and quality of eggs and sperm, and also increase the chances of implantation of the embryo in the womb, since it improves the quality of the layer (endometrium) that will host the embryo.
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