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There was woodworking in a strange house; Tools met to work out their differences. The hammer was the first to exercise the Presidency, but the Assembly notified that he should resign. Does cause it? It made too much noise, and spent the time hitting.

Hammer acknowledged their guilt, but asked that the screw was expelled: had to give many turns to serve something.

Screw accepted his retirement, but at the same time called for the expulsion of the sandpaper: it was very rough in their dealings and always had friction with others.

The sandpaper agreed, on the condition that was expelled the metro, as it was measured to others, as if the were perfect.

That Carpenter entered, put on the apron and began his work, using alternately hammer, grit, the metro and the screw.

In the end, the piece of wood had become a cute piece of furniture.

When woodworking was single again, the Assembly resumed deliberation. He said the saw:

Gentlemen, it has been proven that we have defects, but Carpenter works with our qualities. That is what makes us valuable. So not already think of our weaknesses, and focus on our strengths.

The Assembly found that cock was strong, screw connected and gave strength, grit limaba roughness and the meter was accurate and precise. They were like a team capable of producing beautiful furniture, and their differences went into the background.

When a crew from work often find defects in others, the situation becomes tense and negative. On the other hand, trying to sincerely feel the strengths of others, bloom the best achievements. It is easy to find fault - any fool can do it-, but find qualities is a task for the higher spirits that are capable of inspiring the success of others.
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