Autoboicot, how to overcome the fear of success

At some point in your life can feel fear of success and boycott you yourself believe that you are not able to reach your goals. Learn how to avoid negative thoughts that prevent you to thrive and be happy.

Autoboicot, fear of success

The mind is very complex because human beings can not only have fear of the bad things, but also of good things. Success, for example, on more than one occasion produces feeling of vertigo. Anyone can experience the fear of success at some point in his life, and often have as a consequence the autoboicot, an attitude that will prevent you to prosper and achieve their goals.
Autoboicot, as indicated by the word, consists of boycott it and hinder yourself, believe firmly that we will not be able to achieve our desires in any aspect of life: work, emotional, academic, family... It is like a circle of which the person does not know how to get out because, in addition, you encounter a thousand times in the same stone.
In essence it is a fear that is based on fear of change: is clear that success also involves significant changes in the life of the subject, makes you get out of your comfort and safety (of the known land) area.
The fear is part of the human condition, is like an anchor that invites us to remain comfortable in our situation. However, it is important to know listen that emotion to act despite everything. Otherwise, we do not advance in life, and would not have new experiences that help us grow as people.
Fear of success is born to the risks posed by certain decisions. And is that success is only one side of the coin: when you act, there is always a margin of error. Why people are afraid of being wrong, of not being able to make the right decision.

At the sentimental level autoboicot

Some people are very successful in their profession and, however, do not have the same security at the personal level. In fact, it is frequent that those who do not have the good fortune of find the love they crave both focus in his work that also help them succeed at work really.
There are various attitudes people boycotting themselves on a sentimental level features:
· Addiction to work and the dependence of the professional activity is the first source of autoboicot sentimental level. It is individuals who, in many cases, put the work as an excuse to not make new plans, not to attend parties and, in general, to avoid any plan that involves interacting socially.
· To help minimize your social circle will prevent themselves meet new people. Anyone who wants to find love also has to find it, set limits on working time, undertake the adventure of building new relationships, and find activities in which to meet like-minded people.
· Prejudices: people boycotting themselves at the sentimental level, have accommodated both the idea that will never find love shooting in the trash, because of their prejudice, any external idea receiving. For instance, if they propose them to look for love online, immediately put the excuse that this gesture is own people desperate and lonely. There is a reality behind the autoboicot: people do not move often because they don't want to do it. Although they are dissatisfied with their life situation, the Fund comfortable inside.
· Succeed at work or in love has a price: effort and also frustration resulting in the fact that things do not always go well at first. People boycotting themselves at the level of love envy the life of nearby couples, live life as if it were a showcase where only the beautiful glitters. They are not objective because they are unaware of the background of these relationships that idealize.
· There are other prejudices that lead to the autoboicot. One of the most common is to believe that from the age of 40, it is impossible to meet someone special. This prejudice may shatter objectively making use of rationality: there's good people of all ages, and currently, there are more free people than ever because the number of singles is on the rise; In addition, divorce cases grow, what multiplies the possibilities of finding a partner at maturity.
· Fear of love is also a form of autoboicot. Behave so those who have a Prince charming in mind that never find in real life. In essence, those looking for an ideal, who are fleeing from a real love. A love that could lose control of the situation, where not everything is pink, and where there would be disappointment. However, remember that everything in life has positive and negative aspects.
· Afraid to say is another form of autoboicot which fall people who constantly need the approval of others to take any step in your life.

Autoboicot at work

The personality and the way you react to certain situations, make that some people may be more prone to the autoboicot at work. Let's see what are these attitudes which you push to boycott yourself and stop you from being successful in the workplace:
· Fear of success especially affects those who are rational so far as wanting to have it all always under control. The success is precisely characterized by overflowing at certain times who lives it.
· On the other hand, people with low self-esteem, who have convinced themselves that they are not valuable enough to be successful, are likely to fall into the autoboicot. They can sink major projects through negative internal dialogue.
They say themselves phrases like: "I can't", "no good for this", "I'm going to fail", "there is more prepared than me people"... Unpleasant as sadness or anger emotions are generated through these thoughts, and these emotions are reflected in its actions through the boredom and discouragement.
· Perfectionist to the extreme people are very hard with themselves, don't value their achievements with objectivity, everything you get seem to be insufficient; in this way, they do not enjoy a creative process. Those who have a profession exposed to the public opinion are also particularly vulnerable to this autoboicot. Asipor example there are people with a great creative capacity that dream in theory write a book but in practice never have failed to take the step because they break the folios by dissatisfaction that produces them his work.
· The people that they have been educated in a very rigid atmosphere where they have received few praise and few congratulations for their achievements, are also afraid a special success because they do not feel prepared to deal with it. It is therefore important to parents to feed the self-esteem of their children from the infant stage with words of love and affection.
· The autoboicot also arises in those who are constantly compared to others at the working level. There are people who suffer a great inferiority complex and believe that there is always someone better, therefore, remain in the shade.

How to avoid the autoboicot

How overcome the autoboicot? First being your worst enemy. If you notice that you end up exhausted throughout the day to have an inner dialogue full of negative value judgments about yourself, your ability and your dreams, then please alert, because you're killing your creativity.
When it comes you an idea to mind not the descartes immediately, write down it in a notebook, ripen it, and gives you time to decide what you want to do. Ask a trusted friend opinion, someone who you know you want the best for you. Real illusions, as Plato said occur always in the conversation between two friends because the mind reaches the light, the truth of the idea.
Behind all fear, there is a cause that provokes it. When the cause comes to paralyze the person's life once again, i.e. When you look at similar situations at different times of your life, has then come time to look within yourself to know really what is giving you so scared. In that case it can be positive to count with the support of a coach to make a coaching process, or go to a psychologist to do therapy.
Anyone who wants to walk a path of certainties in life will never reach true dreams of his heart
Enlist the help of a professional is important to prevent the autoboicot, since the goal is to make changes in the life of the subject. Otherwise, if someone does not changes cannot expect different results, and will continue confirming once again his sense of failure.
To exit the autoboicot you must explore different paths, find different plans of action to achieve a goal; take a chance, because the success is achieved only through the risk: anyone who wants to walk a path of certainties in life will never reach true dreams of his heart. Uncertainty is always at the beginning of the road, but the doubt is cleared. If you boicoteas you you don't give you the chance to live.
Leaves constantly ask you for everything and get moving, acts. The constant questions reinforce insecurity. Create new habits in your life. Gives a prize to yourself whenever you have taken a small step.
Fear of success is human, because behind this fear is the vertigo of fall after having reached the glory. I.e., keep the success also involves responsibility. However, lives every day, focus on the present, and remember that you're a person strong and able to get up after a fall. Look to the past and you'll see you've already done it on more than one occasion.
Surround yourself with people, avoids isolation, share your life with others, because thus the fears are relativized. Uses the sense of humor to realize that success and failure are relative, how important are you and your happiness.
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