Benefits of the paddle surf

Which Venetian gondoliers, paddle surf lovers enjoy the sea with this variety of surfing which is dazzling more and more fans. You know you need to join this fun fashion.

Paddle surfing

You like surfing but you do not have the luck to live near the beach? You want to go out to catch waves but the day has been lifted without wind? You like canoeing, but you feel like something new? If you have answered Yes to at least one of the questions, your sport is the paddle surf, an aquatic sport of recent creation that is closely linked to the surf.
Also known as stand up paddle (SUP) surfing, this sport is to maintain standing in a large and stable table that own surfing, while it takes a single spade row to be able to navigate the sea, lakes or estuaries. Its main advantage is that you can go to the sea without that that day there is neither wind nor waves, since they are not essential as in the surf; Although, if they appear, surfing can be also with the same table.
Like most of the new sports, its origin is found in United States. This in particular is located in the 1960s in the famous Waikiki Beach, Hawaii, where the surf instructors began to use long, stable boards to photograph your group. As well, and using canoes paddles, they could move to check also the technique of his pupils and see more in advance the possible risks and the waves that were coming.
However, his popularity did not extend until the beginning of the 21st century, when several famous Hawaiian surfers began to incorporate the paddle surf to your workouts regularly to complete their preparation. Currently, it is rare to find a beach where there is a follower of this aquatic mode. And you, would you decide to become a fan of the SUP?

Modalities of the paddle surf competition

If you would not accept only with sailing the waters with your table enjoying landscape, the Sun, and the sea breeze on your face, you can bring out your competitive vein and start participating in any of the three types of paddle surf competition:
Stand up paddle surfing "waves"
Unlike the paddle surf ride, in this mode the oar is used not only to scroll, but should help the athlete to gain speed by riding the waves, and provide some balance; its use in this case would be like which is made of the ski pole when he skis. This mode follows the rules of surfing, but with the obvious differences on the material and technique.
What is demonstrated is that the athlete is able to play great technical skills and a wide range of maneuvers, both while surfing as when is in the phase of transition, which is the time between a wave and another.
Stand up paddle surfing Open Race
It is a race in which all participants come out at the same time from the water's edge and must travel a distance that should not exceed the nautical mile (more than 1.5 km). There is a tour of back and forth, which has to make a turn to go back to the point of departure, where we have to get off the table and run between 20 and 40 meters with the paddle in hand and glued to the body (to avoid beating rivals). These distances are for adults, being shorter at lower levels competitions.
Crossing stand up paddle surf
This is the longer form and represents an authentic exercise of resistance. It is similar to the Open Race but having to paddle as at least five nautical miles (more than eight kilometers). Within this category are large global testing, as it is the Molokai Channel, in Hawaii, which has a distance of 35 nautical miles (about 56 kilometers)

The paddle surfing for health benefits

Currently, there are few activities in which all the muscles without impact, both joints in the skeleton, work as in the paddle surf. This is one of the main attractions from the point of view of the benefits of health, to which are added others such as:
· Toning of the trunk and legs. With only the involuntary movements that are made to maintain the balance in the table, he is an important work of toning the muscles of the trunk and legs, and gets a considerable improvement of the reflections. In addition, the rowing the musculature of the arms works also. Thanks to the muscular reinforcement and tendons of hips, knees, ankles, back and herniated disc problems are avoided.
· Favours the incorporation to the exercise routine after suffering an injury. When one has just recovered from an injury often feel safe despite having the medical discharge. The paddle surfing is a sport that does not require a physical form in its most basic levels, nor is it necessary to make very abrupt movements, so exercise is a fun way.
· Contributes to energy expenditure, so it is ideal to keep the pounds at Bay. While many people do not see the paddle surfing as a sport very full, as sometimes it has become popular as one more activity to spend some leisure time with friends, is an exercise carries a significant expenditure of energy, so it is ideal to keep the pounds at Bay.
· Reduces stress levels. Paddle surfing is practiced in the open air and in natural environments; This causes an extra relaxation compared with any physical activity of interior, which promotes the control of stress, while enjoying spectacular views and breeze on the face.

Contraindications of the paddle surf

The paddle surfing is not suitable for everyone. So, people that usually cause hypotension, which tend to get dizzy easily when they spend long periods exposed to the Sun, or who suffer from hypoglycemia by poor control of glucose due to diabetes, should avoid this activity before the risk of fainting, difficult to treat in the water.
In addition, as an exercise in which the balance is essential, nor it is suitable for people with problems in the ears that affect this sense.
As always, your doctor will be the right person to assess whether the surf paddle is right for you in the event that you suffer some kind of chronic disease. The specialist will point out what is more advisable to sport and to what intensity you can practice it

Tips for practice paddle surfing in the sea

One of the small mistakes that many people make when embarking on paddle surfing in the sea is not advised of the tides, currents, wind, and possible changes that can happen. This may cause loss, or that they have to make a strain to return to the starting point.
Here are some tips that you should keep in mind when you practice paddle surfing in the sea:
  • If you can choose, it is convenient to have the wind in the facewhen it comes out. Although it is harder and will have to make more effort, this will ensure a simple turn with the wind in favor. If exited with wind in favor and should be back with the wind against, this task can be extremely hard and can lose much time and effort in return.
  • It is advisable to tell someone who is not in the sea that the paddle surfing is practicing and in which area is to be run, since you may be out of visual range from the coast and, in case of an accident, can help to be located more easily.
  • To help you make while paddle surfing, you have two good systems. On the one hand, wear a watch with GPS can be so that it indicates the point where he is the athlete and the path that is going to make. On the other hand, one can look for Visual references very clear and very visible which should be distinguished from afar (a building that will be visible on the coast, for example); You must check every so often his presence to be constantly oriented. The further you go, more visual references can be found on the road to not mislead the turn and again as if it were stages that must obligatorily to miss.
  • The life jacket is a garment that can be somewhat inconvenient to paddle, but this element of safety should always be used although it is known to swim. And it is that no one is free never suffer a fainting or a fall in which the head is hit and knowledge is lost. In addition, to protect us from blows to the head to drop us avoid approaching rocky areas, cliffs, and even rivers shallow.
  • To exit to open sea may appear powerboats on the road traversed. In these cases you have to understand that the athlete is at a clear disadvantage in the event of accident; Therefore, it is suitable to be us who stop and that they pass first. In addition, it is better that we hope to have the waves that produce vessels to avoid losing balance and falling.
  • When you begin to practice surf paddle, before you spend a lot of money buying the table and rowing, rent the material you require. Thus you will discover if you like really or not at a reasonable price, and make sure you're going to take advantage of the material at the end you decide to buy it.
  • Whenever you go to any space with water you have to remember to use protective sun cream, because the possibility of burning in much greater. On the other hand, if you're going to be a great journey it is advisable that you use some type of hat to have extra protection and avoid suffering a heat stroke. And, as always, do a proper hydration, both during the exercise and later.

How to learn paddle surf

The paddle surfing is a very easy method of learning at its most basic level, why it is so popular among people looking for a water sport that does not require excessive hours of learning. In fact, with one hour of class you can perfectly balance on the table and scroll through calm waters. However, courses of initiation requires that participants know how to swim, although it is not uncommon to wear a vest life-jackets in the first class.
If you are new to this sport the first thing you will learn will usually be on Earth, because it is easier for the instructor to teach you how to place you in the table for not to fall, rowing on their knees, stand up, make turns, rowing foot, and some safety tips to avoid problems. After this, the jump will be water, which must be calm and no wind for the initiation is not very difficult. Here will be put into practice what we have explained previously and teacher we will be heading to perfect balance and technique in the sea.
Progression should go slowly. We can not pass in calm waters to other very moved, and we have to look at what physical conditions are, and whether they are adequate to cope with the new demands: how much more movement, more strength and more power we have to exert to maintain balance and move us. At this point we have to analyze how long have been on the table; Although the body does not feel tired you can be by the large amount of muscle work being done in the paddle surf.
If you want to improve or to aspire to greater challenges that simply slide with your table by the water, you should go to more kinds of improvement. In them, and usually in a personalized way, the instructor will focus on things that cost you more to do or what you wish to improve. Normally work different types of rowing and faster turns.
If what you want is ready to race in any mode, you can go to more classes which teach you more refined techniques, although this requires a level of very high table control
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