Change the chip: Learn how to disconnect

If you go to the beach with the towel in one hand and the laptop on the other and only see invoices when you close your eyes under the umbrella, something fails. We give you the keys to learn to switch off and squeeze your free time.

Learn how to disconnect

Not always be holiday is synonymous with rest for some, which carry with them in the suitcase the responsibilities from day to day, invoices, emails from the boss... Learn how to disconnect from work is essential to separate spaces between the personal and the professional, without excessive labor dedication impact negatively on personal relationships. To achieve this, it is important to bet on specific habits that provide welfare in their leisure time.
And it is that true success is based on the balance between both plots. There is a basic premise: health is more important than the work and, in fact, to be able to pay in the office you have to take care of yourself, understanding that the body is not a machine and mind either, and you need rest periods to find the right balance between personal and work.

Consequences of failure to disconnect from work

If you do not have time to relax, have fun and enjoy the company of your loved ones, this situation will happen Bill. These are the main consequences of not disconnecting from work on holidays:
· High doses of dissatisfaction and personal frustration, because the key to happiness is in the balance between work and personal life. Work can not fill the internal deficiencies that arise do not cultivate the affections.
· Not knowing how to disconnect from work equivalent to that personal relationships will be depleted. Increase partner discussions because the other feels that it has no space that deserves. Soon come the accusations and personal attacks. In the same way, this attitude prolonged over time is often associated with loss of friends and absence of important dates such as birthdays of family members.
· Stress levels soar and not relax the body to be on vacation with the mind set on the Affairs of the office. Not respecting the needs of the body is a serious risk that makes us lose the basic order of priorities of a happy life: personal level is more important than professional, because the first is base of the second.
· When a person does not disconnect from their work nor has a quality rest because the concerns emerge even more at night in the middle of the silence, obscurity, and white hour.
· People who are in this situation have a very limited view of reality, since they are obsessed with the labor issue and fail to see beyond. It is worth remembering that life is very rich and extensive forms and nuances. Those who are obsessed with work pay a very high price for it.
· Mood level, people that do not disconnect on vacation have bad mood and are irritable, because they express the internal unrest which feel although they are not aware of what is the cause of your discomfort. Listening to the emotions is basic to know what lies behind them.
· Tremendous feeling empty and lonely, because professional satisfactions may not fill the need of affection that every human being has in its interior. In fact, people who not disconnected from his work feel especially uncomfortable in days in which you do not have to go to the office because they feel out of place.
· To not disconnect, concerns increase under the magnifying glass effect that produces the excessive attention of the mind to a plane in particular. Lack of rest can also give rise to some physical discomfort, for example, headache, because the body and mind interact in a manner consistent.

Disconnect in holiday tips

Summer is presented as the perfect to disconnect from the responsibilities that we stress and gripping in the daily routine, the expected period in which to resume contact with friends that you don't see a while ago, enjoy endless plans to open air, or to schedule activities that you've been putting off the rest of the year. Leverages to draw up a list of five goals you want to accomplish during your vacation and accompanies each of them of a plan of action.
Takes note of the following tips to disconnect from work on holidays or in shorter periods of leisure as the weekend:
1. the relationship with the technology makes your life, but only if you make good use of them, since so much stress produces to be permanently connected like being held incommunicado. Therefore, it seeks to balance and check your email account just once a day during the holidays. In the same way, turn off your mobile phone with friends and all the family plans, and power the face-to-face contact: collect happy moments and not selfies.
2 laziness, far from producing relaxation, produces fatigue. On the other hand, exercise reports vitality and energy positive. Bicycling, skating, walking, swimming... are possible forms of sports entertainment reported self-esteem.
3. it is important to balance the times in personal relationships during the rest period to adjust the balance of affections. I.e., it is positive to share time with family and friends, but it is also having time for yourself. Renouncing personal space on vacation it is exhausting, so ideal is that you include in your calendar shared plans with others, but also spaces of solitude, enabling you to read a book, watch TV, walk, write in a journal... In short, do something that you like.
4 cares for you and seeks comfort to cope with the maximum comfort to the holiday routine. Use comfortable clothes that you feel really good. Gives you a massage. Take care of you!
5. the home is our maximum wellness area as that is the place of intimacy. Enjoy quiet moments at home. You can take to cook special recipes, listen to music, lying on the sofa, enjoy long after meals with loved ones, review some nice pictures, make changes in the decoration... The goal is to enjoy the House in vacation time with the calm that does not allow you the work routine.
6. the weekend and holidays should not live with the pressure of having a strict agenda; However, it is healthy that you include every day some kind of social activity that you love: going to the movies, visit museums, drink with your friends at a bar, sports... The leisure difference with respect to the work and this produces rest. From time to time, for example one weekend every two months, yes you can sign the prize being quiet at home and give free rein to laziness. Such plans are also necessary to recharge batteries and it is also rewarding to unwind from the social routine to find solitude from time to time.
7. If by work you get much throughout the year it is important that you reward with the pleasure of not waking up early on your vacation. In that case, again gradually adapt your resting hours to the office when missing a week to return to work, to be less abrupt change. Also enjoy other great pleasures, for example, a relaxing bath with foam.
8 take easy meals moments. Enjoy the food and their flavors. A diet healthy and balanced is essential to feel good because the body is not a machine and a poor diet passes bill. If you eat without company it avoids putting television, heard best background music.
9. in short periods of vacation or bridges, program excursions to places close to your city to spend the day away from home but sleep at home. This type of session are excellent to break the routine. If you live in a big city, it is also pleasant to travel to the village the weekend if you have relatives there.
10. to integrate work-life - and not only on holidays, but throughout the year - also can celebrate your professional success with your friends and loved ones. Let them share your dreams and projects.

Ten guidelines to disconnect from work during the week

Work and pleasure are not incompatible terms. In fact, personal experience may show that when we are most busy is when better take time as a precious resource that allows us to cover different areas. Disconnect from work during the week is also important when you have an intense routine. In fact, put into practice effectively also helps pay better, therefore there are large companies that dedicated spaces and leisure activities so that its employees relax, which improves their productivity.
Here are ten guidelines that will help you get over your time of leisure each day:
1. If possible, attends the working walk or bike. Exercise produces very rewarding emotions that contrast with the stress suffered by many drivers in traffic jams from early in the morning or to return home. In addition, it's a pleasant experience to enjoy the city.
2 leisure courses are especially recommended to have an appointment on the agenda of enjoyment and fun, and in them you can meet new people with which to share concerns. You can take a look at the agenda of the cultural centers of your city to consult the offer that interests you. Although today there are many schools that offer online training, to disconnect from work and technologies it is better to bet on the classroom training.
3 the afterwork fashion adds adherents, since establishing good relationships with coworkers also increases job motivation. We encourage you to participate in the plans of leisure activities organized by the companions of your company. And also to you take the initiative to propose an idea.
4 take advantage of those moments of your free time in which they have to pending errands to ask a friend who you and chatting for a while. At the end of negotiations, you can invite you to have a drink in a coffee shop.
5 there are free plans which are fantastic for recharging the batteries; for example, go to the library to check out updates to the catalog and take a book on loan, sit on a bench in a park to read or watch people go by, touring in your town to discover the beauty of every corner, prepare a picnic in a park, stroll along the banks of the River Roadwatering plants, observe the horizon instead of a computer screen...
6. the work implies effort and perseverance. Therefore, you also have to reward yourself with small whims. For example, you can take to work a lunch that you love and help raise the mood, and a culinary enjoyment is also an emotional pleasure.
7 participates in conversations with your coworkers in the hour of rest, and take advantage of that moment to share anecdotes and put into practice your sense of humor. The office timely becomes also time out. You can have small details with your colleagues not only on the day of your birthday, but at any time; for example, take pasta to the office to invite them.
8. If your job allows you, listening to music in moments in which you perform activities that require a better concentration. Classical music is the best choice to not distract attention from the task and provides a pleasant feeling of well-being.
9 social networks allow you to stay in touch with your friends. Therefore, check the news of your social profiles leaving work because feedback reported to the immediacy of this type of media is very appreciated when, for reasons of agenda, have less time to meet with your friends. Check your favorite blogs to keep abreast of developments. Take advantage of the discount of the day of the Viewer to go to the movies during the week. Do not give up the pleasure of seeing your favorite chapter in a series that you like, or contest that you enjoy. If you like it, solve crosswords, soups of letters, or Sudoku, to distract your mind get home.
10 it is places of relaxation. An ideal choice is occasionally go to a spa or a spa to replenish energy and enjoy the pleasure of pampering yourself.
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