How to deal with the loss of a baby

The mourning for the loss of a baby is more complex as that by law of life, the children survive the parents. To face it it is important to express the pain, maintaining motivation and seek professional help. 

How to deal with the loss of a baby

The classical philosophers, reflected on the natural law, i.e., on that which is according to the nature of the human being. In this sense, there is nothing more goes against the nature of motherhood and fatherhood that surviving children. By law of life, typically that the children will be who in their adult stage have to say goodbye to their parents as a result of the death. Bearing in mind, moreover, that life expectancy has grown so much in recent decades, to the point that women overcome the barrier of the 80 years, many children can enjoy for a long time of presence and of the father and of the mother company.
"Mourning the loss of a baby is more complex where, by law of life, the children survive to parents and not backward."
However, the data also reflect a less friendly statistic: there are cases of couples who lose a baby. In these cases, the perspective changes in a radical way, the feeling of emptiness is immense, disorientation for the future is very powerful, interior tear is severe, the grief process is very hard and this remarkable loss may even affect the couple's relationship.
Another situation that is also difficult to deal with is the have a son who suffers from a rare disease. If this occurs, it is essential to deal with the situation in common, share feelings and, also, do psychological therapy where necessary to avoid guilt. There guilty in a situation of this type, however, the human mind needs to look for the causes in his desire of wanting to control everything.

How to alleviate pain at the death of a child

Medical professionals are decisive when it comes to alleviate the emotional pain suffered by parents before the loss of a child. Firstly, it is essential to speak in colloquial terms and leave aside for a moment the medical language. It is put into practice empathy. Therefore specialist should use a friendly voice tone, appear close, listen to the person who has front... It is a big mistake to minimize the pain of a person by fear to see him suffer. Therefore, one should never say phrases such as: "This will happen soon", "you'll see how you feel better tomorrow", "do not be sad"... The only pain is exceeded to be communicated, externalized and shared base. For this reason, family environment nor should overprotect the victim to the point of not allowing you to feel weakness. How are you must then respond to the pain of others? With respect, and understanding that each person has their own pace and its interior when advance process.
On the other hand, is also good to propose plans quiet to the person who is suffering so it can leave home and relax: for example, go to stroll, take a coffee, go to the cinema to watch a movie... In any case avoid the subject, because everything that you try to hide sooner or later comes to light more strongly. I.e., it is a mistake to converted a natural fact as death in a taboo.
There are entities of social assistance as the 'Teléfono de la Esperanza' who taught courses on overcoming of duel that may be of interest to all those who are going through a situation of this kind. It is a friendly environment where you can share experiences with people who have gone through a similar process. In the case of those persons who have a child with a rare disease, it is also possible to contact an Association of people affected by the same problem. The support and the feeling of belonging to a group of people that understands the problems are very useful and very helpful.

Loss of a baby: how to deal with the grief process

First of all, giving them time to time. Explains Tomás of Aquino, the passing of the months mitigates all suffering and, at first, the pain feels more. So much so that during the first days after the loss of the baby pain can be so great that prevents you get up from the bed.
At the physical level is also positive rest more in a moment of sadness, have a good diet, being in contact with nature, fresh air, seek silence, enjoy a relaxing swim...
Despite the pain, life goes on. Order to deal with the grief process after the loss of a baby, the right thing is therefore follow with daily occupations, and find motivation in every day. For example, support you at work can help you to succeed. You try to concentrate to 100 percent, even in the least rewarding occupations, such as iron or the washer. It is good to keep the mind occupied in something that requires immediate attention to not be thinking all the time of a fact that causes pain.
On the emotional level, there is an exercise that can help you. Write a letter to your baby. It is your feelings on intimacy; You can talk freely, tell you everything you want... And then, keep the card in a place that gives you peace of mind. You will be able to read it always need it.
It tries to give a concrete meaning to your own pain. This is the tip of the speech therapy created by Victor Frankl. Insofar as you grant a meaning to a feeling, you also feel better because you have hope. Reading a book, 'Back to life', written by Mercé Castro can be helpful for all those who have lost a child. On the other hand, you can also create a personal blog, from your own experience, to help all those who have lost a child. The effort to give hope to others, also gives it to you.
Throughout the nine months of pregnancy, most couples buy everything needed to welcome the baby: cot, Moses, bottles, clothes... In that case, think what you want to do with all that you have purchased. If you think that you will bring very bad memories, you can donate it to an association or give it to a friend who runs out of having a child. But, of course, also you can save everything in the Junk room for when you can use it in the future. What should not be done is to let the baby's room furnished as if it were a shrine because then parents are stuck in the past.
In a moment, you must respect more than ever your own space; Therefore, when you need to be alone, you can go to your room and say clearly to your partner, that you do not interrupt or pass you calls. Also turn off your mobile phone. In a situation of this nature, think that your life is not limited to that particular fact and make an effort to remember all the good times you've lived, the people you've met, cultivates the optimism... To this end, I recommend the book 'The art of not become bitter life', Rafael Santandreu.

How to count news brothers

When a couple lost a baby, young children also noticed the sadness. How to speak of death to a child? Gives you information always on the basis of their age. You not asturians you data, gives few details, looking for a good time to talk to him, and uses metaphors to explain how a human being of this world says goodbye.

When trying to have a child again

There is a question that many couples are done when they have lost a baby: when to return to try it? Firstly, it is essential to consult your doctor on this issue. But on the emotional level, the best is don't be in a hurry, give time to time, and be recovered before returning to bet on having a child. Never be must want to have a child to fill the void left by the child who died. Therefore, neither is a good idea to put the same name of the deceased baby the second son. The name is directly linked with the personality and identity of a human being is unique and unrepeatable.
In some cases, parents and the rest of the family feel disoriented when it comes to support the couple in this trance. Often takes the woman as a victim more directly of this pain because it is she who lives the pregnancy. However, it is essential to place the father equal a situation, bearing in mind, moreover, that men tend to have difficulties to show their emotions because, for cultural reasons, for a long time it has been considered that express the feelings was a sign of weakness. For this reason, the man has other forms of masking the suffering: through I anger, work addiction, inner rage...
It is possible to enlist the help of a psychologist to process pain. It is worth remembering that there are general laws in the assessment of human behavior, and that each person reacts in a different way in a similar situation. At the death of a child, there are people who sink, but others take an inexplicable force amid the anguish.
Those parents who have lost a son, can continue feeding the emotional link going to the cemetery to bring flowers, talking about it naturally, and even talking to him at the mental level. Each night, before bed, can say a word your child, both if your beliefs are religious as if they are not; someone does not die as it reminds you and that loved one always will be in your heart. Therefore, it feeds each day the seed of love.
The film also shows us who have treated this topic and stories that may be of help for the viewer who feels identified; for example ' The other woman', starring Natalie Portman. Another highly recommended quality film is ' The Unsaid', which describes the story of a psychologist who has to cope with the death of his son.
The world of music, also has given us songs that are a hymn to hope. For example, you can start the day putting the song of Joan Manuel Serrat "Today can be a great day", and the music has a very positive effect on the emotions.
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