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Massage kobido is known as the natural facelift. This therapy, used by the ancient Japanese emperadoras, promises a more young and care face without going under the knife. Discover it.

Kobido massage

You have a perfect skin, relaxed, and to show health and youth, is one of the great desire of many people. However, the stress, the rush, the pollution, and soak up the Sun in excess and without adequate protection, are factors which spoil your skin and make it look much older than it really is. One of the best treatments to take care of her and rejuvenate it is Kobido massage, an ancient technique that comes from Japan and brings health and shine to your face.
The Kobido massage, also known as natural facelift, is a therapy neurosensory coming from the Eastern tradition that seeks, through a perfect blend of fast slow movements, improve the appearance of the skin and thus, also the health. This type of treatment is exclusive to the face, but becoming is more common to find us with who also practice it in the neck and shoulders.
The Kobido technique repair problems of the skin through the movement of natural toxins present in the subcutaneous muscles of the skin. Thanks to acupressure and the combination of massage, drainage, and other techniques such as shiatsu, achieve great results both medium and long term.
The facial massage reflexology Kobido seeks to not only improve the quality of our skin, but that they also work points neurosensory and energetic that improve health. Thus, the therapist uses precise movements, whether deep, working the muscles of your face, or surface, they provide us with welfare.

Origins of the kobido massage

Their defenders are supported by the experience of centuries of use; and it is the origin of this type of massage is situated around the 27TH century BC. One of the disciplines of traditional Chinese medicine is known as 'anmo' (push and rub), and is the basis of the Kobido massage, which was imported into Japan around the 14th century AD. At this time, the famous Samurai Warriors discovered the benefits of this technique and used it to find better by his healing ability. His good results did that, a century later, the imperial family incorporated it to its customs and enjoy exclusive benefits.
Fortunately, this limitation was forgetting with the passage of time, although it was not until the Decade of the 80s of the last century when it began to spread West through the therapist Shogo Mochizuki, who exported it to the United States. Today we can enjoy it in an infinite number of beauty centres. Ask your salon's confidence and enjoy its benefits.

Indications and contraindications of massage kobido

Kobido massage It can be a great option just for those people who want a total relaxing session. Although it is ideal for those who suffer from stress and anxiety, it is also for those wishing to autopremiarse with a time of tranquility.
This type of massage of Chinese origin is also perfect for those who suffer from migraines, to provide rest and relaxation to the mind, as well as for people who have sore eyes (e.g., spend many hours in front of the computer), as that relaxes facial muscles involved in vision.
Also, the kobido is beneficial for those who suffer from bruxism because it decreases the effects that have this disorder in the maxillofacial area. With this therapy, in addition, some problems such as age spots, psoriasis, skin are dimmed or skin dry or grease.

Contraindications of massage kobido

This type of treatment is not suitable for everyone. Those who have some type of skin rash caused by an allergy should not be treated, since it could be harmful. Nor is it a therapy that gives the best result in people with some type of scar internal or external recent, since the therapist should avoid the area of the affected face and will not get is a homogeneous result.
For patients who have skin excessively fat, acne, eritrosis, or rosacea, is not discarded kobido massage, but this will take place at a slower pace and with less strong pressure to avoid increasing these problems or cause pain. So it will be needed more sessions for all their benefits.

Benefits of massage for health kobido

Although the outstanding benefits of massage kobido begin to appear in the short and medium term, some begin to notice from the first session, so people who dare to try it tend to get caught soon to it. In addition, with a well structured program by a specialized therapist, the positive effects on health are multiplied during the following sessions.
Some of the most important benefits of massage kobido are:
· It is a great ally of beauty. And it is that he gets the facial skin to look younger, with fewer wrinkles and sagging. This is so because the kobido massage stimulates the facial muscles. In addition, favors the Elimination of dead cells, which shows skin healthier and more responsive to other treatments of beauty creams. This is not just an improvement to our appearance, but that it is also good for our self-esteem to see us better when we look in the mirror.
· Helps to eliminate toxins and bacteria that are in the superficial skin layers since it increases the temperature of the skin and thus activates the lymphatic system.
· Combat stress to be a hugely relaxing activity.
· It allows to eliminate contractures and facial muscle tension, which improves blood flow and, therefore, nutrients contribute to the cells of the skin to get it repaired by themselves.
· Due to the speed and pace with which the technical kobido, is exercised is stimulates the nervous system, which balances the energy flow of the face and tonifies the body.

How is a session of massage kobido

Since the kobido massage is very relaxing, centers offering it in its catalog of services tend to take care of the ambience of the room. Thus, prepares a place with soft music and a variety of pleasant scents in accordance with the principles of aromatherapy, which make the customer begins to be better even before lying on the stretcher.
Generally a kobido massage session begins with smooth and gentle movements that seek relaxation to the patient to avoid tensions that are detrimental to the normal development of the massage. When the therapist believes that it is the right time passes to the nape of the neck to activate blood circulation that leads to the skin of the face the proteins necessary to achieve both improvement and an epidermal tissue repair, and the Elimination of toxins and oxygen as soon as possible. From there the massage continues around the face and scalp, stimulating the muscles and skin to get the long-desired rejuvenating effect.
The speed with which the therapist is doing all the steps seeks to work in different aspects. Thus, when the movements are slow it aims to relax and drain, while the rapids is intended to stimulate the skin and the production of proteins to achieve the long-awaited lifting effect.

Phases of the kobido massage

Kobido massage has a series of phases with defined objectives:
1. in the first it is to clean the face of the shiatsu movements and thus prepare for the subsequent drainage.
2. in the second phase seeks to stretch and illuminate skin; to do so, with organic products and friction, recovers the brightness and the wrinkles and the bags under the eyes may disguise.
3. in the next stage, known as Japanese lifting, fingers speed is increased up to a maximum rate without provoking pain, to get smooth the furrows of the skin.
4. in the final phase of the kobido massage is pressed the head points to combat stress; even at this stage the therapist can focus on particular point in particular where detects a problem or injury.

Types of massage kobido

Within the kobido massage we found three types of sessions that vary both in duration, and in the price, in intensity and in what we can achieve with each of them:
· Basic facial rejuvenation method. This session is extremely simple, and what we get will be both a great relaxation and toning your skin. It is a good approximation to the kobido massage in order to see how we feel, if we see results and get relax. It has an approximate duration of 20 minutes and its price is around 30 euros.
· Method of facial rejuvenation. It gets a great state of relaxation as it oxygenates and feeds the skin thanks to the techniques of beating, circular movements and kneading in the face. The duration is around 50 minutes and its price is about 60 euros.
· Imperial youth ritual method. This session is separated into two stages, massage and energy. The first part is similar to the previous method and is a normal kobido massage session, but the second helps to stimulate the flow of energy and balance it by pressing on the appropriate points of the face. Its duration is between 75 and 90 minutes and costs around 80 euros.
To treat with massage kobido we must be clear that several sessions are necessary although between six and eight are usually sufficient to see good results. Anyway, not one person than any other, requires the same sessions since the initial diagnosis and evolution are never the same.
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