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What are the Arts?

While for the artists it's quite complex to define, since it would be a historical and evolutionary journey through all branches of art, it is possible to understand the arts as those having as ultimate goal the expression of beauty.

Since the classical Greece held divisions of Arts according to the senses with which the works were perceived. As this existed higher arts and the minors, being the first which allowed perceiving his works through the eyes and ears, the superior senses. On the other hand, the lower senses, taste, smell and touch, defined the arts minor, associated largely perfumery and gastronomy. Thus it was evolving in the division of the arts to include within the fine arts to dance, painting, theatre, sculpture, architecture and the Declamation, which included both poetry and literature.

The practitioners of the fine arts artists are people dedicated to the expression of feelings, emotions, and sensations of an aesthetic form, generating a particular language that manages to communicate recognised by your inner world from contact with nature or everyday experience.

As we can see, according to the Greeks, the arts would be all those arts which may include their works within what can be enjoyed from the higher senses, allowing artists to express the depths of themselves through certain aesthetic principles that allow you to communicate with viewers or auditors in deep language and manages to show the most intimate part of his spirit. Given the above, it is understandable that other characteristics of the fine arts is the risk, since the expression of the emotions and feelings take roads and quite subjective aesthetics that are not always to the liking of everyone.
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