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What is a Concept Map?

A concept map is similar to a scheme that is used as a method of learning. It is a very effective instrument to learn contents that are difficult to organize and understand for the student. Specifically, a conceptual map is a graphic representation, with some organization and hierarchy of the contents. This particular order of content allows you to sort information according to different levels of generality or importance, which allows to highlight certain concepts above others, greatly facilitating learning.

The information or concepts that appear in the boxes of a conceptual map are linked and interrelated through propositions and link words that allow to understand the contents with greater fluidity. The concepts included in the conceptual maps can be classified according to their level of inclusiveness in supraordinados (what includes others, subordinates), coordinated (at the same level of others) and subordinates (including by others).

As already mentioned, the conceptual maps offer certain benefits in trying to learn certain content. One of these maps allow a clean and tidy display of content, facilitating the processes of learning, especially for those who possess a greater development of visual memory. Thanks to this, it is possible to also identify quickly the key concepts of the topic, as well as the relationship that exists between each of them.

In order to make a good conceptual map, the best will be starting to emphasize the concepts and key words from the text, to then make a list of them. Subsequently, it is recommended to classify the concepts chosen according to their level of inclusiveness in supraordinados, co-ordinated and subordinates, or in simple words, see which are the most General covering others, to then see these other concepts covered by the first. Then, stated is search words link showing clearly the relationship that exists between a concept and another. Once all these steps will be necessary define the title of the conceptual map, and if necessary, perform a brief explanation about it.
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