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What is Culture?

To understand what is culture, should look at what we humans are. We are beings in constant movement, creation, development, etc. It is due to the same thing, that they have been created by different cultures. In addition, what we call culture. A word that comes from the latin cultum, meaning to grow. Or cultivate the same. The roots of each village. Culture, are all those expressions, which man has been incorporating into nature. To the Earth as a whole. Our thoughts, our art, architecture, literature, in short, all human creation, is culture. It is said that culture, is everything that a man needs to know, to be able to act properly, within a social group. Therefore, we can sometimes, when we go to other countries, committing certain errors of procedure. Since we do not share the same cultural codes.

In the ancient Greece, culture were taken, by the perfect education, which was to receive a person. Mainly in the childhood of this. Something like that was the concept of culture, in the times of the Roman Empire. Where was the culture to receive a refined education. And it is that the Romans, always tended to simulate the level of intellectual development, that the Greeks made in the classical era. But both concepts of culture, cannot be understood without recognizing those who are linked with them. Since only the aristocratic, could access to an excellent education, at that time. So, who handled culture, as it was understood at the time, were only people able to access education.

In the middle ages, he joined the education, religious services. The man, which prepared for everything related to the transcendent world. Anyway, the concept of culture, applied only to the aristocratic. Since we must not forget, that for a long time, even the priesthood, it was an activity reserved for the nobility.

It was not until the modern era, that the concept of culture, was expanded in a definitive way. First, laicizando it and then removing its aristocratic character. Since different materials, pressed so that they were included within the concept of culture. It is for it, that at the beginning it was said that culture, is all that knowledge, enabling human beings to engage in a social group, in a good way. Since with the opening of the culture concept, a formation of life richer in knowledge as well as a balance was sought, within the materials or activities you insert within the culture concept.

And this global culture, has grace, which unfolds in a particular way. That is, in every society that exists in the world. Therefore, every country has it own culture. Which is represented by its history, way of life, its customs, its folklore, their meals, their Governments, and a myriad of aspects, that are shaping the culture of a nation, through its existence.

Today one speaks of a global culture. Since through technological advances, especially in those relating to communication, we are living in the era of the global village. What many call, globalization. Effect by which the culture of the countries have been amalgamating. Already national culture, going beyond the geographical border. And this is an effect that happens faster than what one believes. If not, just ask yourself, how much of American culture, there is in every capital of the world. Especially in developing countries. And this is due to the fact, that as the United States a world power, also tends to expand their own culture (globally), the rest of the countries. The same thing happened with the Roman Empire and many others that existed in the history of the world. Many speak, that in the future, it will be a unique culture. Earth culture. That culture, which we represent, as inhabitants of the Earth.
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