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What is a Discussion?

A debate is an act of communication that involves two parties or more exposing the different ideas about a topic that is especially controversial. Usually, it's the encounter between two sides who have contrary positions on the same topic and its holding ideas on solid arguments.

A debate will be more complete and complex as the ideas are increasing in number and in strength of argument. It also behaves like an excellent instance to strengthen and promote learning about certain issues, just as it can also be a great way to develop certain skills related to communication.

Given the possibility of organising a debate, recommended is to start cooking it with the time necessary to delimit certain framework of respect to be met by parties, as well as how to find a topic of interest and which is in the knowledge of both. In general, the framework of respect includes the commitment to comply with the time allocated to each party and each participant groups to expose their ideas and arguments in a healthy and friendly environment, without admitting the presence of insults or disrespect.

Once organized already described, it is possible to carry out the activity. During the debate, it is necessary to count with the presence of a moderator, who will be responsible for ensuring that met all the rules imposed in the framework of respect. One of the essential elements of a debate are the subject to be discussed, participants along with their ideas, and the final conclusions to be reached.

In relation to the theme chosen for debate, as well as also related to the participants of the activity is that debates can take multiple forms that allow them to be classified into various types, for example, the media, politicians, academics, among others.

Take a position other than their own on any topic, may be as a very good exercise for learning, in such a way that the individual is able to argue and defend a point of view with good arguments, developing flexibility in the way they reason; also tolerance develops to see explicitly the possibility of thinking of another way to own during a debate, and the arguments that can hold that another position.
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