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What is Education?

Education is the process by which human beings, learn various subjects inherent to the. Through education, it is that we know how to act and behave society. It is a process of socialisation of man, to be able to insert in it effectively. Without education, our behavior, would not be too distant to a wild animal.

Education us is taught from childhood. In breastfeeding, the child starts to create social ties with those around him. The human being, is constantly in a process of education. The man is a true sponge, which is retaining information, with all that with which it interacts.

In antiquity, if we take Rome, one of the icons of intellectual development and military power, primary education, it was left to the suckler herds. The cuale took care of all the details of the development of the infant. From food, to the fact that to learn to speak. Parents, practically did not have any interference in the child's education. Those who belonged to the aristrocacia, received the first years, the instruction of a tutor. Which provided the child his first knowledge, necessary for your subsequent step to College, when she reached puberty. Being a person illustrated in Rome, was valued fairly. But as to the aristocrats, was an obligation. Since in Rome, he weighed much the rod that the Greeks, left in the golden age, of classicism. The Romans, could not be less, than were Greeks. That was the slogan.

Newcomers to the school, men and women, were quickly supplied, diverse news content. From the Greek to the sport. An important aspect was the teaching of the Roman mythology. What would today be the religious history of each people. The Romans believed in many gods, so they were polytheistic. It was relevant to know each God, both what was expected of the, as what that deity, expected of every Roman. Today, men and women, get her independence, after his studies, at the time of finding a job (situation that is the ideal, for every human being), but the Romans not. They depended on to adults of the authority of the father. Only they could form their own destiny after his death.

Currently, there are several areas in which we receive education. One of the most fundamental, for all human beings, is the formal. It is that education, providing various educational establishments present in any society (schools, universities, institutes, etc). Which are guided by curricular, established by Government guidelines. These establishments, who delivered a formative education, intellectual level on the basis of practical knowledge, which allow the person, are inserted into the society as one of it. Through this education, it is that the person can play in any job. Means by which human existence today is governed. Through this way, is that it would succeed to his offspring, back to meet the same cycle. Education based on the teaching of various subjects, which the student must assimilate, to then take a test to demonstrate that it handles them. Method of education, which currently has several detractors. Since is based, for them, memorization, rather than in the understanding of the same materials.
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