Meaning and Definition of Equity | Concept and What is.

What is Equity?

Equity is a social connotation derived from understood also as equal. It is the constant search for social justice, which ensures all people conditions of life and work humane and egalitarian, without differences between them from the condition social, sexual or gender, among others.

The term equity comes from the word in latin "aequitas", which is derived from "aequus" which translates to the Spanish as equal. In this way, equity seeks the promotion of the estimation of people regardless of differences in cultural, social or gender that among if.

The importance of equity takes special importance from the constant discrimination that different groups of people have received throughout history. A clear example of that is the discrimination against women in the labour and social fields, which has promoted the creation of different organizations, both governmental and independent, who take care of situations like this and fight against them on a daily basis. It also happens that many nations it discriminates against those people from other cultures, marginalizing them from society, and thus limiting dramatically the possibilities arise and develop.

There is no doubt the lack of equity in the world, since examples such as those mentioned above there are million. However, the most important is that each person, from your own privacy and everyday life put into practice equity, valuing each person regardless of their social or sexual status, their culture, their appearance or their religion, since all human beings deserve respect and the be considered as such, having the right of access to decent living conditions, across the spectrum that it includes.
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