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What is a Hookah?

He is named him to a pipe for smoking tobacco built by hand and somewhat rustic materials. If you remember the famous pipe that used "Popeye" in the early years of the comic strip, they will recognize a handmade pipe made with the "COB" or heart of the ear of corn, because that is a legitimate hookah. Originally the term is because the American aborigines, as they are called today to the Indians.

The most accepted speculation is that you originated in Cuba or Peru, passes to the Canary Islands and Portugal with the original form "cazimba" or "casimba", in this I am very speculative because the literature is unclear. What if I have clear is that you to early twentieth century already had passed to the Spanish term in the form of "hookah" or "pipe", and in the Decade of the fifties of the twentieth-century same practically "cachimbo" had been in disuse.

In a pipe the "pot" is the hollow where the tobacco is placed and then turns on, the term "cazimba" or "casimba" refers to a "hole" is where there is a nascent water and I think that because of its similarity to the "pot" pipes is that the term has become synonymous with pipe. So much so that in some countries "casimba" and "cachimbo" (both in its masculine or feminine forms) designated to makeshift, hand made metal pots or emerging water.

I can not remember my grandparents, both paternal and maternal, smoking in pipes, not very fine, which they called "hookahs" and as my uncles said, between anecdotes, that my grandmother or grandfather were wearing as a "hookah" to say he had been infuriated by comparing the heat of pots of pipes in the heat of anger. Pope ever used the term "is encachimbo" to say that someone was angry lot.

I think by the end of the twentieth century the term was used relatively little until the narghile began to use in the West. Narghile originates in the East and it's a very refined pipe that used to burn aromatic or medicinal plants, so it seems that initially it was, after the arrival of tobacco, aromatic plants mixed with tobacco or using scented water. Hookah consists of a flexible tube that has a nozzle on one end and on the other a "burner" with a double bowl.

One comes to be the equivalent of the pot where tobacco is burned properly and the other has the scented water, pot smoke bubbles by the scented water to then be sucked by the smoker through the tube and the nozzle. Many are made of homemade and crude manner so that property can be called hookahs and therefore the name has been extended to the properly constructed hookahs.
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