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What is an Interview?

There are many types of interview, which can be defined in the most varied forms, however, in general terms, it is a situation in which a person is subjected to the questions asked on the other. Different kinds of interview saved relationship with the objective which it pursues and the information which it is sought to obtain. Within the set of most interviews is the journalistic interview, the job interview and the clinical interview.

The media interview is that which is carried out for the news media, is already written, or even for the radio or television. In it the journalist made a series of questions a person in order to obtain information of public interest.

However, for most people, the job interview is the interview par excellence. It is that all have exposed us once in order to get a job. In general, the interviewer has a pattern of questions which seeks to inquire into certain specific characteristics of each person, and thus be able to find a subject to comply in the most suitable way of profile designed for the job.

This situation is, for most people, enough stress, because of this, specialists recommend that you go to give the interview calmly as possible, and worrying as well as certain aspects prior to attending. Among them, it is advisable to investigate what more can around the company to which it is postulated, arrive a few minutes before the time agreed upon with a right costume, greet you in an environmentally-friendly manner, sit when instructed and possess an attitude that does not allow to display the insecurities, keeping not too confident opinion.

In general, the following is recommended to successfully face a personal interview:

Listen carefully. If you feel that the question is not clear, you can politely ask you clarify it.

Before you answer, take a small pause to consider all the background, so for a substantiated response.

Always try to offer constructive and positive information.

Go straight to the "grain". You can then ask the interviewer if it requires that you lay more.

You do not expose to areas in which you may have difficulties.

Keep the attention and focus in the interview.

He always responds with the truth, but not give more information than requested, especially if this would be unfavorable.

With these simple tips, you'll be more prepared to assist and deal properly with a job interview.
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