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What about the keyboard?

Electronic or keyboard synthesizer (although strictly this is a subgenre as we shall see), is an instrument of keys, whose sound is generated or amplified by the action of electronic devices. Professionally, this instrument is known simply as "keyboard", since the term "electronic keyboard" is currently being used to appoint keyboards used by amateurs and children from low-cost commercial. Do not confuse a cheap keyboard with one Professional, the first is smaller and very limited sound quality. However, common keyboards, are often used by professional musicians since they come programmed with new features provided by the latest computer advances, than professional keyboards, made years before, still not included.

Keyboards are composed mainly by: a musical keyboard, a software interface user, a generator of rhythms and chords, a sound generator and an amplifier and speaker. The musical keyboard work with an electro-mechanical system that connects the switches when you press a key, producing the notes or the sound of the instrument. User interface software is a program that usually comes in a chip, that allows the user to interact with the controls and menus of the instrument; using this software, the user can select different types of sound (piano, organ, flute), effects such as "eco" or "hold" and many other applications. Generator chords and rhythms is another software that allows to produce different rhythms and chord by MIDI commands. Sound generator consists of a module of electronic sound that is contained in a chip with a capacity to accept MIDI commands and produce sounds.

The keyboard is a very useful instrument, which with various built-in sounds, allows the keyboardist to create music varied and different currents. Additionally they can possess other functions, as the option that allows you to make recordings of musical creations to then listen to this recording, which is helpful in the practice and composition. It also has a very useful screen, which serves to observe the adjustments that are being made and thus keep track of the activity. A variation of these keyboards consists of synthesizers, which allow the creation of new sounds based on others already created or from scratch, by adjusting the waves of sound in a special for that interface.

The best keyboards allow touching more than ten keys simultaneously and also play several instruments at the same time different. A good keyboard will also now have touch sensitivity, adjusting the volume of the played note according to the pressure and speed with which the pad is pressed. Among the best known manufacturers of electronic keyboards we found Kawai, Korg, Roland, Yamaha, Ensoniq, and Casio.

Among notable keyboardists we find Yanni, Kitaro, Rick Wakeman, Keith Emerson, John Paul Jones, Ray Manzarek, Steve Winwood, Billy Preston, Richard Wright, Gregg Allman, Tony Banks and Jon Lord.
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