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What is a Methodology?

A methodology is the guide that is to end the actions of a research. In simpler terms it is the guide that will tell us what to do and how to act when you want to get some kind of research. It is possible to define a methodology as that approach that allows to observe a problem in a way total, systematic, disciplined and with some discipline.

To try to understand the definition that is made of what is a methodology, it is important to note that a methodology is not the same as research technique. The techniques are part of a methodology, and defined as those procedures that are used to carry out the methodology, therefore, as you may guess, is one of the many elements that includes.

In the context of the research there are many methodologies that you can follow, however, there are 2 groups that include other more specific. It is the qualitative and quantitative research methodology.

Quantitative methodology is one that allows the gathering of information from the quantification of data on variables, while the qualitative methodology, avoiding the quantification of data, produces narrative records of the investigated phenomena. In this type of methodology data are obtained through observation and interviews, among others. As we can see, the most important difference between the qualitative and quantitative methodology lies in that the first achieved its findings through the correlation between quantified variables, and thus be able to make generalizations and produce objective data, while the second examines the relationship between variables obtained from observation in structural and situational contexts.

In order to decide what type of methodology is required for a particular investigation, the investigator should consider various aspects such as for example the results expected, those who are interested in knowing them, the very nature of the project, among others.
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