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What is Naruto?

Naruto is a Manga series written by Masashi Kishimoto (which is also the author of illustrations). The manga has achieved great success, being the third most sold in 2007. Because of that success was an anime adaptation, which has achieved a great popularity all over the world, coming to be considered among the best 20 animes.

Series is about the adventures of a teenager named Naruto with Sasuke and Sakura friends ninjas. The history of anime is the same as the manga, with some modifications in terms of violence of struggles and the extension of some issues. Naruto is divided into two parts: the first with the same name, released in 2002 and the second, name Naruto: Shippūden, issued since 2007.

The first part of the anime, called "Naruto", account history of a ninja with the same name, who lives in a place called the "village hidden from Konoha" or village of the leaf, where the only person who finds the small is your teacher or called Iruka sensei. It is a village inhabited by ninjas, but it is not the only one, since in the vicinity there are other villages with many ninjas each. The desire of Naruto is to become the best of them and be admired by the whole world; to achieve this, you must prepare in a hard training and to become a master "Hokage". The little ninja has secret power that comes from a nine-tailed fox demon that resides in his body. This was locked up there when Naruto was a baby. With this power and all their goals, begins training to be carried out with their new friends Sasuke and Sakura. They must live many dangers and confront powerful ninja from other villages. I tell you that history also has lots of humor, due in large part to that Naruto is in love with Sakura, but this, in turn, is Sasuke.

The second part called "Naruto: Shippūden" follows the adventures of Naruto's return to his village. In this part the characters have 3 years more.

The world of Naruto is located on a continent with different countries and secret villages in each that represent the country's military force. The main countries include the country of fire, with the secret village of the leaf; the land of water, with the secret village of mist; the lightning country, with secret cloud village; the country's land, with the secret rock village; and the country of the wind, with the secret village of sand.

A key element in the series is the "Chakra", which is the power or energy that the ninja needs to carry their special techniques to cobo. The chakra varies according to the character. This power is obtained together with the spiritual body energy. Once the ninja manages to activate his chakra, you can perform several techniques that can be combat, healing, etc.

Finally, I tell you that the ninjas can upload range according to missions that are able to meet. The lowest rank is the "Gennins", they can deliver "D"-type missions, which consist of tasks under such as toiletries or care of a child. The following are the "Chuunins", which are capable of performing missions class "C", and when they are experts, even those of class "B", which consist of protecting someone or deliver documents of little importance. Above are the "Jounings", which can make missions class "B", which can range from protection of someone at murder; they can also do class "A" missions, which consist to kill or capture some very powerful ninja. The more experienced jounings can also do "S" rank missions, which are the most dangerous. When the missions are too risky, which carries them out is a "Kage", who is the leader of each village and the most powerful representative of it.

Due to the success of this series, especially in the anime, which has conquered many countries outside Japan, Naruto has also led to various video game consoles.
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