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What is a Novel?

No one really knows how novels originate with certainty, the term comes from the Italian "novella" literally meaning news or romantic story (in a very free translation). Apparently have many antecedents in hindu literature, in the Greco-Roman literature, where there were four types: travel writing, romantic, satirical (or derision) and Byzantine novel that is somewhat similar to the romantic but with a predefined argument where two lovers wish to marry, go through many adventures and hardships to succeed. But in the end they succeed.

It is a bit difficult to prove it but exists to those who believe that medieval storytellers have influenced in the development of the novel. The relatively long stories of fictitious stories (stories) are all languages and cultures. In the West the first representatives of the novel are Boccaccio in Italy, Geoffrey Chaucer in England, the same Machiavelli in Italy also. However the modern novel is born with Miguel de Cervantes and his masterful "Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote of la Mancha". This author who sought in several genres such as evolve, accomplished in his "Novelas Ejemplares" found himself "Don Quixote" deployed to maximize his talent and us away a form of robust and mature expression.

Finally, I will say that by extension, the novel is longer than a story and has an argument full of wealth that exceeds all hitherto known genres. There are frames within frames and narratives within narratives. The prose is preferred to write them but they can include verses and up to the epistolary genre.

I am an avid novels reader and I found a healthy way to amuse myself with them. The hand of Julio Verne dreamed of traveling to the Moon, visit countries, police adventures with Agtha Christie (creator of Hércules Poirot, my Marple and other characters) and sir Artur Conan Doyle (creator of that unforgettable couple: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. James Watson), I've got in the world of counter-espionage with Ian Fleming (creator of the legendary 007, James Bond) and many other authorsthe list will me mind, but never never forget my first great novel, thank Cervantes for teaching us the way. I've never traveled anywhere in the world and I have toured it hundreds of times thanks to them in my mind.
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