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What are the Poems?

The poems are written in verse works, seeking to express emotions or impressions of the world for the author, where it is common use of rhyme and other language tools.

Within the poems, we find those who are epic, lyrical; There are in the form of Odes, dramatic, of love, friendship, etc. They are lyrical expressions, which hold a nicely stylized narrative, since that is part of what is sought with poetry, beauty and its manifestation through writing. It is that way, why, the poems are the fascination of so many people in the world, and also poets, writers of them, are so adored everywhere.

Many of the literary works, which began the tradition of poems, come from ancient Greece. Centuries before the birth of Christ. At that time, almost all the literary writings were poems. Because the poem Word, it comes from the Greek verb poiein, meaning to make. Therefore, all written, was taken as one among many poems.

With respect to Hispanic literature, the first poems, arise through the Arab invasions (700d.c.), towards Spain. This is intended, since 1950, found small lyrical fragments, written in Mozarabic. That is nothing more than the language that was given, between the conjunction of the vulgar latin spoken in Spain, with Arabic. And it is that Arab culture, was much more powerful, than that which existed in the Iberian peninsula. Therefore Hispanic vulgar latin, began to flood, of the Arabic words.

These poems were written around the first centuries after the birth of Christ. Jarchas, which were short poems are called. Which were written by young women and talked about his love for his men.

Within the poems, there are various subgenres. For example, we have satire, it's mockery, contempt, front troops to morality or good customs issues. We can also find in the form of Elegy poems, which are about feelings of deep sadness. Those feelings, which are born of the soul, when it is hurt or fragmented by an episode of life.

Conversely, we have the Odes, which exalt a fact, event, or thing, by means of positive feelings. And it is not all sadness in the hearts of poets. Therefore, some poems, such as the Odes, deal with feelings of joy, joy, love and ecstasy, face different events that have marked the life of writers.

Anyway, classic poems are those so-called lyrical. By the same means, that different sub-genres of poetry, come from the mother of them, coming to be the lyric poetry. These poems are written in verses. In which the poet speaks in the first person. The verses are usually short, where the rhyme is witty. Similarly, they incorporate structures syntactic or semantic, depending on what the writer you want to.

These poems are about feelings or emotions that the poet has lived. So, as it is expressed in his work. As you can see, for example, in the book "20 love poems and a song of despair", the Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda. One of the most famous poets of the world, who even won the Nobel Prize for literature.

In general, lyrical poems, are of short duration. It is the way of writing them. Therefore, if you are reading lyric poems, one may be account, which are rather short.

As to the time of lyrical poems, they are in the present. That is, today, that is the moment that the poet is living. And it is that this is based on the current. Since due to the sensitivity that surrounds them, they can not to pass the time, when it comes to writing something you are feeling or situations, which have deeply marked.
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