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What is a Project?

A project is a set of actions that are planned in order to achieve a goal previously established, for which is has a certain amount of resources. All project, whether that professionals (the creation of a company, or the construction of a structure) have personal purposes (for example, a modification to the home, or the construction of a piece of furniture), or research (a science project), has a structure divided into phases which make it possible to finally the goal or target.

The first is the planning phase. This stage is characterized by a period in which set the objectives to follow and how in how will carry out actions for achieving compliance with them. Where several persons participate in the project, it is at this stage where the roles of each, as well as also all related to the resources that are available and the way in which these will be used should be established. Resources as an essential part in a project and not only material resources are included in them, but that it is also necessary to consider the human resources that is counted, the costs and time, among others, in this way, the proper organization of all resources greatly favors the success or failure of a given project.

The second phase, the execution, is one in which actions and planned tasks are carried out, and which represent the same implementation of the project. Refers to the execution of all that which was organized during the phase of planning.

Finally, the delivery or implementation phase underway, which must be met in time which is stipulated in the planning phase. Thus, in certain cases will be you made with the delivery of the work to a specific customer or making up of a system that has been developed, responding to previously agreed conditions.

In addition to all the above phases, in order to take the path to success for a project, who is in charge could implement any control system, i.e. some method that throughout all the stages can go by monitoring the progress of the project as planned, and thus make time any changes which are necessary to achieve the best results and the achievement of the objectives.
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