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What is Reading?

Reading is the process of obtain and understand ideas and information stored using some form of language or symbology. We have a good analogy in the world of computing, when we speak of 'read' a particular program or file; in this case we refer to the fact of acquiring the information stored on a device, using a language or protocol default.

The history of reading or reading could be that it begins in prehistoric times, to represent in a pictorial way everyday activities on the walls of the caverns; This could say that it is "stored" information to be able to be obtained later by others. Only reading became a massive activity makes about 150 years ago (although it sounds incredible), when in the Decade of 1870 in England, settled and standardized education as a State standard.

Learn reading proved to be easier during childhood, using the native language, while it is more difficult to learn to read in a foreign language during adulthood. As a curiosity known cases of children who have learned to read by if alone, without the intervention of a guide or formal education; so natural is the reading and reading to the human being. other data of interest is to know that children who learn to read at an early age (for the third degree) are less likely to end up in jail or using drugs, and the adults who read on a regular basis are more likely to participate in sports, artistic activities and volunteer on behalf of the community.

Another interesting topic consists of reading speed; dear to memorize rhythm is read less than 100 words per minute, while the rate for a quick and superficial reading borders 700 words per minute. In practice, the ideal is to adapt at a pace appropriate to the personal objectives and the depth of the text, reading slower in denser passages or necessary to memorize concepts. Some systems "quick read" offered in the market can lead to bad habits, preventing a deep understanding of the text to read, fundamental thing in the whole process of reading. Another point to consider is lighting; It is estimated between 600 and 800 lux brightness is the most appropriate.
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